the stories


my story your story
told each day
in our movements and attitudes and general doings
the story of a veggie wrap for lunch or
hot cocoa with almond milk and spices for breakfast
the story of kids kneeling in the dirt and digging a hole
deep and wide
for a blueberry bush
the story of spring blooms
and how the birds flit from feeder to feeder outside my window
just now

that is my story
my story of  today yesterday the day before
and yet
there’s another story playing alongside mine
not a story that i will share (because it isn’t my story)
but it colors everything in my life

my thoughts wander
over and through the idea of stories
those told those untold
mine and yours and the neighbor’s and the cashier’s at the grocery store

stories tales weavings
of which we are aware or naive
(or perhaps a bit of both)
but always
there are the stories
to be lived to be told

and i want them all


do you???

sending a little love your way, m

11 thoughts on “the stories

  1. I love your story and to hear your story and I love my story too and how they overlap here in this space, two virtual friends living their own stories and sometimes sharing them. So beautiful!!

    1. there is something so very comforting in this idea of story. i love that ours overlap in this strange virtual world. you always, always (always) make me smile. xo

  2. All our lives are really just stories aren’t they? Each telling a different tale and one that changes constantly. A story that even though we are the main character we don’t know the end, makes it exciting don’t you think? And our stories intertwine with those we come in contact with each day helping form their stories.
    You dear Michelle are one talented woman!

    1. tracey, i definitely find some comfort in framing things within the context of a story. there is excitement, yes! and i *love* thinking about our stories intertwining with those of others, thinking about coloring each others’ stories.
      {and you are so kind…thank you} xo

  3. very thought provoking. I think we share the stories that are easy and comfortable to share. Then there are the stories we find difficult or perhaps we choose not to focus on them and they are tucked into a safe place.

    1. i like that this has gotten you thinking, karen. yes, some are so easy and natural to share, and then there are the difficult ones that get tucked away. though i’m keen on the tucking…that it be intentional and supported somehow, not disgraced or disengaged. safe is good…and wouldn’t it be wonderful for us all to have a space that holds that for us?

    1. kristin, yes! there is something in the telling, but fascinating (and necessary) to consider how one receives and embraces them (or does not).
      something so powerful…


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