spring rain



the sun has hidden behind the clouds all day
and now, at day’s end
the light grows dimmer and
the rain begins to fall
gently but with insistence

the two of them stay outside
beg the rain to soak their clothes
they call to one another
toss the ball to one another
tilt faces towards the sky

and when they come in finally
they are drenched
which proves a mild inconvenience to me
but i cannot be bothered much
because their joy washes over me
like the spring rain that washed over them


sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “spring rain

  1. Do you know we had a similar experience here just 2 hours ago…. In fact that’s when I was eating strawberries to fill the time I was calling “time to come in now..” through a downpour… Completely wasting my time… Coat now on radiator drying but the sound of her singing her heart out rescuing snails in the wet was joy :)) xx

    1. cathy, i always love how people living in wet climates learn to live with the rain and embrace it.
      i hope to remember these times with my two, as you remember those spring days with your boys.
      and i’m going to check out that book…thank you!

  2. there is something about being a child, and being the the drizzle, and being in a spring summer season that makes all of those fun okay and timeless. I remember not being bothered at all when it rained as a child. One drop now and I worry about my hair!

    1. i know just what you mean, karen! they were ecstatic that it started raining while we were out walking the dog. i wasn’t so worried about my hair (this time), but i didn’t want to be cold (such a wuss).
      once home, i watched them from the porch and it really was awesome to watch and listen to them!

  3. Have the most wonderful Tuesday my dear. I loved reading your words as always.
    Wish we had a little of your rain, we were 95 degrees yesterday and more of the same today.


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