an interview + a giveaway = a whole lotta goodness {cordelia sipper}

today, i’d like to introduce you to a talented, sweet, and very fun woman named cordelia sipper {do you not love her name?!}.  we bumped into each other somewhere in blogland and when i learned about her sewn sketches, i knew i wanted to introduce you to her.  i hope you enjoy this little visit…

photo by cory

can you tell us a bit about your creative work and business?

I live happily with my husband and two daughters in Southern California, where we are surrounded by mountains and ocean.  I worked in the music business as a singer-songwriter for 15 years, but after having kids I knew that I needed a calmer lifestyle with plenty of time to hang out with my young kids and be home.

I wanted to stay in the creative realm as far as work was concerned, and I always had been drawn to sewing.  I started out by creating eclectic children’s quilts, but one day came up with the idea of making “sewn sketches” with fabric scraps from the quilts.  Sewn Sketches are unique wall-art pieces and can be framed just like a print or photograph.  Every one is unique and handmade.  I offer custom pieces as well, with hand embroidered names or words – perfect for a child’s room or wedding gift.  You can see a lot of my sewn sketches here.  I am happy to custom make any of these if you see one that resonates with you as I don’t usually have a large amount of sketches in my Etsy store at one time.

My newest thing is sewing my designs onto clothing.  First it was just onesies and t-shirts for kids, but it has expanded to women’s clothes:  tank dresses, tank tops, tee-dresses, sweatshirts and more.  It’s fun to create “wearable art”.  Many of the kids lines are organic and every clothing item is machine washable.  All my clothes can be found at my Etsy store.

When I’m not sewing, you can find me with my daughters on our little quarter-acre “farmette”.  We love to plant veggies and hang out with our small flock of chickens and ducks.

I love my life and what I do and that energy is translated into my work.  Every individual thing I sew is done so with consciousness and a lot of joy!

is there a product you particularly enjoy creating?

I like making all of it and I like coming up with new ideas, too.  I notice items that tend to sell better are funner to make, simply because the energy I put into the work is returned.  It’s a full circle kind of thing that’s very important when you sell your art.

how does the creative work you do fit in and/or balance the rest of your life as mama and urban homesteader?

My husband and I both work from home.  It’s great because we get to really be with our kids. But, also we don’t get very many breaks.  (I wouldn’t have it any other way though.)  We work while the kids are in school, but you know – there is so much that one needs to do to keep a family (and “farmette”) running.  Honestly, our days are very full and sometimes it’s hard to balance it all (some days I look at the laundry pile and just want to cry).  But, I try to remind myself there is no place to “reach” where everything will suddenly, magically stay clean and perfect.  A busy life with kids and animals is what I always wanted, really, and I never lose sight of that ultimately.

and now for some fun ones…
what did you have for breakfast?

Only coffee so far, later probably some non-gluten toast and an egg on top.

what’s the weather in your corner of the world?

We had a heat wave for a few days, about 90 degrees.  It was a little disconcerting because we’re in a drought.  Today it’s chilly and windy (chilly for us is high 50’s/low 60’s).

what’s your favorite time of  year?

I like all the seasons…because it’s the natural life cycle.  I think there is something to love in all of them, but I guess if I had to choose, Summer is hard to beat.

right now, if you close your eyes, what word comes to mind?

Oh, I’ve had a big mug of coffee, I’m having more than one: but breathe is right up there, since as I try and write this I can hear my kids screaming in the background.

and now for the giveaway…

photo by cory

cory is generously giving away one of her delightful tanks, like you see above.  {i happen to own one and i love it.}  to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment telling us something you enjoy about summer {summer is on the brain as i think about tank tops}.  comments will remain open until sunday, may 11, midnight PST.  the winner will be announced  here {in this post} on monday, may 12.   comments are now closed.

and the winner of the giveaway is…margaret!!!
margaret, i’ll send along your email to cory who will be in touch with your shortly about your tank!

thanks to all of you for sharing your favorite things about summer…i found myself nodding my head a lot!!!

ready?  go!

sending a little love your way, m






19 thoughts on “an interview + a giveaway = a whole lotta goodness {cordelia sipper}

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  2. This is such a lovely giveaway! And great interview! I love most about summer the beauty of nature, all the glorious blooming roses, wonderful fruit from the garden, birds and bees! Thank you!

  3. Oh summer…. Watermelon, ice cream, late afternoon dips in the pool and outside time with the family. So many good things to start to savor about summer. Thanks for sharing Cordelia with us!! Loving it!

  4. My favorite thing about summer is the slower pace of my life and the adventures I get to go on in my travels. Adore Cordelia and her work — thanks for introducing me to it!

  5. Well my name is summer, I was born in the summer as well as my daughter… so summer is just a good thing all around. :) Love Cory and love her tanks!

  6. I know and love Cory to pieces, she is one of my favorite people.
    Summer? The beach, but then I am ready for the beach any time of the year, so maybe I should say fresh fruit and vegetables from my land.

  7. Oh summertime….I love to feel the warmth from the sundrenched wooden porch floor under my barefeet. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

    1. Yes…!! That is such a summer smell… I’d forgotten.. Looking forward to that smell too now.

  8. Walking with bare feet on the ground…. I’d say grass but stones, sand and pathways just as much…


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