the four of us in the yard
with a spring sun upon our backs arms faces
wheelbarrow and shovels and gloves
dirtied hands and knees and
the clearest of minds

it is work no doubt but
my heart feels playful content immensely satisfied
moving through the yard and then
the garden where dirt is loosed and holes dug

tomato plants in and flower seeds placed
a quarter-inch, a half-inch deep
we drop and cover and pat
we water and

i hold my breath for an instant
relinquish control
please, little seed i implore
please sprout and bloom and delight

i reel in the hose
release my breath and sigh as
i see water droplets on blueberry bush as
i see blooms’ transformation into berry as
i see we’ve done all we can do today

and so we turn inside


sending a little love your way, m



14 thoughts on “relinquish

  1. oh yes. we are walking a parallel moonbeam, methinks.

    it’s been good ‘working weather’ — and i push myself to get the heavy lifting done before the stifling heat (and mosquitoes) descends upon us. this is our third year in this house….and i’m starting to see the fruits of our early garden labours. such an incredible thing.

    i’m doing a fair amount of seed-imploring just now. :) xo

  2. Contending with the soil is heart warming. I love seeing your blueberry bush, mine had one ripe blueberry yesterday so I am hoping soon the rest will follow. It’s such a fun season.

  3. Lol, I talk to my plants too. The other day I was mooching around Anthropologie and there was a palm tree by the door with a sign which said, “please take me home”, so I did. The palm was completely parched and so I put it out in the rain and had a talk with it and now it’s just fine. :) They seem to thrive after a little talk, don’t they? My blueberries have tons of blooms on them this year too, (last year was a poor crop), it’s great to see.

    1. omg, veronica, i *love* that you took that palm home!!! you are awesome!
      and hooray for the blueberry blooms…so nice to pick one’s own berries, isn’t it?!

  4. Fingers crossed for you from here too because they just have to grow. There isn’t an option for those tiny seeds…but since you explained this to them very clearly they will do exactly that and then with that magic under way they will delight and I can’t wait to share those images xxx


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