consider this

it’s friday.  ready?

a little inspirational image+quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. to consider while you walk or sip or breathe.  take it.  allow it to seep into your consciousness.  go, dearest…


now consider this:  **stand in your garden {literal or figurative} and name three actions you can take to grow {your} beauty.**

sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “consider this

  1. Ahem, it’s been raining on and off all day so all my gardening plans are postponed until tomorrow.
    The humidity should make gardening a whole lot of fun ;)
    Three things? I’ll be thinking.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. today is definitely a skirt day. funny, that.
    mmmmm…..literally and figuratively, my garden is growing by what is left undone; acknowledging that i can’t do it all, so intuitively pruning and planting with equal amounts determination and patience.
    this is lovely…xoxo

    1. mel, i missed the skirt memo!
      so good to step into that acknowledgement of knowing we can’t do it all. and i like the play of determination and patience…so good when in balance.

  3. Oh boy, don’t talk to me about gardens…lol. Chloe walked into my bedroom this morning and said, “Guess what? Art in the Garden show tomorrow!” And I got a panicky feeling. What is need is a little out of my control. What I need is a time and weather machine to have some more sunshine so the roses open, and so I could have painted more paintings. But on the positive, I’m extremely happy with what I’ve achieved and, to grown my own beauty, I’m wearing a skirt instead of my usual jeans and T! :D

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