everyone should…eat pie


everyone should…

eat pie every now and then  {over the weekend, we ate this one}
give and get hugs {big ones}
look up, look down {and straight ahead}
drink lots of water
get outside
read {a lot}
say please and thank you {a lot}
reduce, reuse, recycle
eat vegetables {followed by pie}
let the tears flow when they need to flow
ask questions {and listen for the answers}



sending a little love your way, m


p.s. this is a list inspired by yesterday’s prompt at writealm

p.s.  28 moments is happening this summer.  registration is now open!  early bird registration runs through june 11.  get the details here.  everyone should…sign up.  seriously, i’d love to have you…

10 thoughts on “everyone should…eat pie

  1. There was a period of time when Ethan would randomly say, “Pie!” He just liked the word for some bizarre reason. Now his random word is “cactus”, but I don’t recommend eating one :-) PS. Loved the list. x o


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