consider this


a little inspirational image+quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. to consider while you walk or sip or breathe.  take it.  allow it to seep into your consciousness.  go, dearest…


now consider this:  **what does a deeply satisfying life look like to me?  am i living that life?**


sending a little love your way, m



18 thoughts on “consider this

  1. I was just driving C to her last university class before she graduates and talking to her about how dissatisfied she is with working at the internship she’s been hired for. It seems that office work in front of a computer, even if imaginary and creative work isn’t for her, while writing and photographing for her blog is making her feel fantastic. This is a major and positive step towards her future happiness. :D Good to know.

    1. oh gosh, veronica, so good to be figuring out these things at an early age! hooray for C paying attention to what is feeding her spirit…and hooray for you encouraging the conversation. so good!

  2. I am just back from vacation and I prefer being home always. I love my life and my days :) I missed my dog and my tea mug :)

    1. karen, welcome back home and hope you had a lovely vacation! i do feel a great sense of contentment in your writings…so nice. enjoy your dear pup and your mug {i always miss mine when i’m away too!}

  3. I love what you share with the world, dear M. Thank you for this moment to check in with myself. I do love the life I’m living. (Okay, I admit it would be even more deeply satisfying if I could get regular sleep and a date or two with my husband!) I don’t want to wish away these early years, though, because this baby boy in my lap will be walking before long. And V is already so grown up for a three-year-old. So yes, I really do love this life and all it’s wonders and challenges. It’s a lesson in love that I’m glad I signed up for.

    Happy weekend to you and your sweet family! (I love knowing that you love your life.)


  4. I do feel content…but there always seems to be more to wonder about ‘out there in the big world”…I will sit on this for the weekend (and longer). Thank you for bringing this up! Hhmmmm…
    Oh me oh my.

    1. vanessa, i know what you mean about the contentment but a lingering wondering…there’s a little dance {which i think is healthy and natural} that sometimes goes on between the two…
      happy weekend!

  5. I think I am definitely living a life I love. Even the best things have challenges and that is where the room to grow is. So sometime when it gets a little bumpy I need a reminder. I am forever grateful for being gifted a life that is all this.

  6. I am living that life. Well, I wouldn’t mind more of a winter with some snow, but over all I love my life and hope you do too.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. i’m happy to say that i do love my life. and i’m so happy you are too, tracey…your contentment definitely comes across in your blog posts, emails, comments. xo


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