:: noticing the moments ::

i used to do these [noticing the moments] posts at the end of the week,and i used to do them routinely.  but it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  and since i’ve got a new line-up for fridays, i thought i’d put one of these together for today.  whenever i write these posts, i end up with a full heart and quieted mind.  and so here i go…


:: walking with the kids and the pup…after the walk, heading back down the street with camera in hand to capture the clover

:: my daughter making me breakfast in bed…peppermint tea and sourdough toast with honey…we shared…it, and she, was sweet

:: reading in bed {this book}…knowing the kids are asleep and no one needs me

:: trying some recipes from this cookbook {thumbs up, so far}


:: dinner on the screened-in porch

:: sitting on the screened-in porch with my husband after dinner…the kids kicking a soccer ball…feeling content

:: yesterday was the start of this…eep!

:: registrations for my own e-course beginning to come in…feeling excited {early bird registration ends tomorrow}

:: the end of my son’s soccer season…gathering at the community pool with teammates and parents


hoping you’ve been enjoying some sweet moments of your own.  and, if you’ve experienced some difficult moments, i wish for gentleness and ease in your days ahead.

sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “:: noticing the moments ::

  1. Your babies sound so very sweet. How wonderful to be served breakfast in bed and then get to share.
    How is the pup, I bet so big now ?

    1. i think my kiddos are pretty great :) that breakfast was wonderful!
      and funny you asked about the pup, because i almost posted a photo of her…yes, she’s gotten bigger and she’s a sweetheart too.

  2. you have a screened porch?? how lucky are you! That is the ONE aspect of our old house that we do miss and there is nothing to screen in on this house. We do after dinner walks and they are quite restorative and relaxing :)

  3. So many good moments here :) There’s some sort of magic at dusk, when dinner is finished, the house is quiet, and you’re able to soak up a few minutes outdoors with the evening noises. I love it! What do you think about The Round House so far? It’s sitting on my ‘to be read’ list, but I haven’t heard much as far as reviews.

    1. i agree about the magic of dusk, caitlin…definitely.

      the round house…i almost stopped reading at the beginning because i found it disturbing and terribly unsettling, but i’m glad i’ve kept going. i’m about 2/3 through and am eager to crawl into bed each night to get deeper into the story…just know the subject matter is heavy.

  4. Thank you, Michelle, for the clarity, simplicity, and grace-filled vision in your writing! I am shuffling among writing (new book), gardening (permanent awards of dirt under my nails), and uncluttering my linen closets. All tasks are one-at-a timers, but I feel so much present-minded purpose in this! Thank you for understanding this!

    1. oh, rosaria, so good to hear about the mix of your days. thank you for sharing…and awesome that you feel present in each of these doings. xo
      {a new book?! hooray!}


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