the dahlias


the dahlias are blooming
with their pinks peaches yellows creams
i water them
stray drops splash my legs
refreshing in the heat of a summer day
my daughter stands near
gets splashed too and

we gaze at the blooms
some full
some tight in buds

some, too, are browning wilting fading and
i pluck these {which concerns my tender girl}
i assure her it needs doing
this plucking pruning paring
this making space for new growth
this redirecting of energy which allows
full expression

she is unconvinced, i think
but accepts my answer
stands with me the water the dahlias
silently i consider {and i think she considers too}
what it means to pluck
what it means to make room
what it means to redirect and allow for fullness
what is entailed in this business of


sending a little love your way, m



14 thoughts on “the dahlias

  1. you have a talent of capturing beauty in every day events. I bet your daughter loves spending time with you and enjoying your hobbies and reflections. I was thinking this morning all of my to dos and then I read this and I want to scrap to dos and savor life (but then nothing will get done, so maybe a balance???)

    1. thank you for such a thoughtful comment, karen.
      sometimes it’s good to scrap the to-dos, but i think you’re right that some sort of balance is in order. always an ebb and flow…

  2. You are giving your daughter life lessons that she’ll be able to pass on to her own daughter some day. Xo

  3. What a good thing to ponder… What is needed in the business of blooming. :) I love that the Dahlias both present this question to you as well as help answer it. Love this picture as well. xo


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