ten things {and a giveaway}


ten things, camping.

1.   i am camping as you read this {lucky me}
2.   campfires
3.   simple meals cooked over the campfire
4.   the trees, the glorious trees
5.   no internet, no tv, no xbox
6.   breathing the fresh air
7.   the quiet {depending upon who is camping nearby}
8.   the slower pace
9.   accompanying hikes
10. s’mores {you knew that was coming, right?}

and now for the giveaway!  i am offering two spots in my e-course, 28 moments.  we’ll be exploring the daily bits of our lives as we play with camera and pen.  class runs july 14 – august 11; you can read more here.  if you’ve already registered, you can still enter the giveaway – if you win, you can gift the spot to someone else.  if you mention this giveaway somewhere else {facebook, instagram, your blog, twitter}, let me know that in the comments and you’ll be entered twice or thrice or…accordingly.  share with us something you love {or don’t love} about camping.  if you’ve never gone, tell us that!  comments will remain open until 12 noon PST thursday, july 3, 2014.  the winners will be announced back here in this post thursday, july 3…probably not till late in the day.  depends on how early in the day we’re able to tear ourselves from the woods.
so go on…tell us about you and camping.  comments are now closed.

and the winners are:  karen and helen!!  ladies, i’ll be emailing you shortly with details.  
thanks to all of you for leaving your comments, thoughts, and memories on camping.  i loved reading each of them!

sending a little love, m



6 thoughts on “ten things {and a giveaway}

  1. I love camping, but only in the winter down here. In the summer it’s just too hot and I don’t want to contend with ticks, skeeters and snakes. I love to sleep in a tent, then wake up and heat my tea water on the camp fire and watch the sun rise while listening to the birds, so peaceful.
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway and have fun.

  2. well my friend, you have certainly touched on a passion of mine. Sometimes I wonder if I spent more time camping outdoors…or sleeping in my own home(s) . It all started with family camping on vacations. Then from age 7 to 17, summer camping at Camp Fire Camp El Tesoro. Then I became a counselor, and then Camp Director. Cooking on an open fire, sleeping under the stars, swimming in the rivers, canoe camping trips, horseback trail rides and even a few months ago, camping in our Van in the Everglades. My 56 years old bones don’t want to sleep on the ground anymore, so I camp with a few comforts of home. But there is NOTHING like living outdoors for a while. Slow down. Feel the Earth. Get grounded. Recharge your batteries. Just writing like this makes me wanna get out and GO !! ~ enjoy all your moments ~ oh wait…you always do !! xoxo

  3. Best camping ever was in New Zealand, listening to cicadas lull me to sleep at night…..just perfect. Have put this giveaway on facebook. Thanks for this x

  4. Oh, you know, I was just complaining to a friend about not being able to get Graham crackers here in the UK, so smores have to wait for two months till I get back to Canada, but camping is definitely on this summer. We usually take our (classic) minis racing and camp out with our other mini owner friends at the race track fields. But this year Robert bought me a vintage Land Rover and now I’m all into taking it camping in deepest Africa…like Dr Livingston I presume…in the UK…lol.

  5. I went camping on a white water rafting trip, and sleeping on the hard ground thinking next time, I need an air mattress. So when I did the Komen 3 day and we had to camp out each night, I remembered that air mattress…so much better than the hard ground! Hope you’re having a relaxing time camping!

  6. You are camping!!! Well, I grew up camping and wasn’t a huge fan at all. Too buggy. However I have fond memories of campfires, swimming in the river and sleeping bags.


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