there was a cabin in the woods and a path leading from that cabin to the river.  we slept in the cabin and ate outside.  sometimes we ate inside where the light was dim and, even with 7 individuals, there was always a certain hush.  down at the river, there was fishing and rock skipping.  there was sitting and staring up at the trees which held us in, and there was a certain hush.  water was pumped from a good old-fashioned water pump; breakfast was cooked upon a good old-fashioned wood stove.  and on that path, from the cabin to the river, the rhododendrons bloomed, late for this time of year. and i know they weren’t waiting for me.  not really.  but it almost felt like they were and they did.  wait for me, i mean.  for us.  oh, the unexpected adornment. and the hush.


sending a little love your way, m



18 thoughts on “hush

  1. *sigh*

    lovely. just lovely.

    i very much love rhododendrons. i’m convinced they were waiting…they’d do that.



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