i like the littleness of things.  little blooms, little stones, little kisses.  little waves on the beach, little jokes thrown into a conversation.  a little pinch of sugar atop blueberry muffins before baking, a little crush of fresh pepper atop a salad.  i sometimes get lost in bigness, get lost in fear, get lost in assumptions.  but mostly, i try to inhabit the little bits of my life.  i want my tiny moments.  if you’ve read my blog or followed me on instagram for any length of time, you know i’m keen on the small moments.  i know there have been times in my life when i rushed through, plowed through, stumbled through.  and i still stumble, in truth.  but the stumbles these days are done with a different level of awareness.  i know they don’t equal my life; they’re just a part of my life…and i can move from that part onto a new part.  i can take one step and then another; i can take a big step or i can take a little step. either way, i just need to take a step…i just need to keep moving.  and so i do.  and as i keep moving, i endeavor to celebrate the littleness.   little clouds, little hugs, little smiles.  little bodies crawling into bed with me and my husband, little dianthus blooms on my bathroom sink.  yes, i do like the little.


sending a little love your way, m


p.s. so pleased to share one of my little bits with leonie over at her beautifully curated space weekends collected.  do you have a weekend story you’d like to share too?  she’s accepting submissions…



16 thoughts on “littleness

  1. This is really lovely Michelle. I love the idea that these stumbles in life are not our entire life, just part of it. And yes, little steps are always the best. :)

  2. I was just thinking about that and art. I sometimes get into the habit of drawing smaller and smaller and more intricate pieces. And, although it feels comfortable and safe, I feel like I’m boxed in and stuck. What I usually do is get a chair, stand on it and tape two large papers high up on the wall of the studio and then stand on that chair, some chalk pastels in each hand and don’t come down till the entire surface of the two papers is covered with colour. So, while small is lovely, and comfy, every once in a while I need a way out. This breaks me out of the shrinking habit. :)

    1. veronica, this is fantastic! and, yes, the need to work with both the little and the big is so important. it’s possible to go too far in one direction, for sure.
      ooh…i just love the visual of you hanging those big sheets of paper and filling them. awesome. xo

  3. I too love the little things. Don’t need the big things. Can I just say-hearing you on the video this morning was one of those little things I enjoy. Hearing a voice behind the photos means a lot. I tried to comment on the vimeo but couldn’t. I tried everything I could-just. Didn’t want the day to pass with telling you. Xo

    1. kelly, yes to little…they keep me going.
      and thank you {so much} for letting me know you enjoyed yesterday’s class video. i’m sorry you had trouble commenting on vimeo {not sure why you had trouble}…but extra nice you made the effort to leave a comment here. makes me smile…a sweet little thing to begin my day here. thank you xo

  4. this post is darling. Just like you.In my younger days, I collected miniatures…I loved little things too. I even built teeny tiny worlds inside shadow boxes….I made a sewing room once and carved little spools of thread from tiny dowel sticks ! Then I began to travel to far away places…and my world got real big….I now live in a tiny house again. But I must admit how much I miss my big ol two story house with 16 foot ceilings.


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