:: consider this ::

a little inspirational image + quote for you, followed by a prompt.  to simply read.  to explore with words or paint.  to capture in a photograph of your own. to consider while you walk or sip or breathe.  take it.  allow it to seep into your consciousness.  go, dearest…


now consider this:  **think of three things you appreciate about today’s journey.**


sending a little love your way, m



17 thoughts on “:: consider this ::

  1. So Robert and I went to Blenheim Palace yesterday, and I was thinking, “how could this huge public place ever feel like a home?” But then I am aware that we, even though we buy yearly passes to this place and so in some way have a right to be there, that we are using the facilities at someone’s home. And, I suppose the umpteenth Duke of Marlborough, who lives there at the moment with his family, I suppose that Duke needs all these people buying their tickets and eating in his restaurant and buying his souvenirs, to even have this Palace as his home, so there we are. Anyway, walking thru the gardens on Medieval Jousting day, this boy (who should have known better) came running along thrashing the garden plants with his wooden sword, while his family did their best to pretend it wasn’t happening, (In that British way). And I got all Canadian on his butt and told him to stop that and have some respect for this private park. His parents then sort of called him off. Me getting all Canadian in England tends to upset Robert who is too British…and I suppose I should have remember my own British father and his sensibilities, so anyway, I’m grateful that yesterday we didn’t divorce over a stupid little insignificant thing, which, when we’re tired and overworked, blows up into traumatic proportions. Life…eh?

    1. omg, veronica, this cracks me up. i like your canadian style ;)
      and glad you and your husband were able to move through and past…little things do blow up when we’re overworked and tired…so good this wasn’t the case for you.
      life, yes.

  2. I spent the whole day yesterday helping my daughter relocate, so today I’m grateful I’m not bending and moving, for the whole family together this week, and a family meal together :)

  3. Ah Michelle, this is a quote I needed to read today. Defining the daily journey as home expands my idea of what home may be for me as I search for that ideal, comforting place of the heart. Thank you.

    1. patricia, i love when these quotes find people on just the right days; comments like yours are some of my favorites.
      i really appreciate what this quote holds for us…a softening, a shifting in perspective…home can mean so many things. there’s comfort in that, i think.

  4. i have been here over the past weeks. I have been reading but not commenting. i just want to say, yes to the flowers. flowers everywhere. i want to say yes to your new look! i want to say that i love how you notice moments and capture the beauty of every day with both your words and your photos. i love how you make me ponder and think…. today journey, 3 things: 1. sitting here with you on this beautiful morning 2. the sound of rain, early in the morning on our roof, which means i don’t have to water. 3. waking up to sun and the whole day ahead of me with so many possibilities. xooxox

    1. cathy, your words here mean so much to me. thank you for your kindness and your understanding of what i’m about. so grateful to share this part of the world with you. xo

      p.s. waking up to the sound of rain…which means no watering…delightful!

  5. I’m sitting here drinking a 1.hot cup of green tea with honey in a 2.favorite mug
    gazing at the 3.sparkling white ceiling fan I just cleaned in a living room that I have worked hard to make comfortable and cozy. I just got off the phone with my 4. daughter and granddaughter who called to tell me to have a great day…I think it will be and
    I hope so for you too.


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