me and my senses…right now



right now i see…
fog hanging over our yard
the beginning buds of our autumn sedum
a tennis ball lying in the middle of the patio

right now i hear…
morning quiet
the shuffling of my son just waking
the jingle of our pup’s collar as she walks to the back door

right now i touch…
a felted heart which rests on my desk…a treasured gift
the smooth keys of my laptop
the coolness of the morning through my cracked window

right now i smell…
a perfectly ripe banana
the peppermint tea which steams before me
the freshness of an august morning

right now i taste…
that perfectly ripe banana
tiny sips of peppermint tea, hot and comforting
a hint of what the day holds…and i think i like it

this is my right now.  and you?

sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “me and my senses…right now

  1. Love!
    I hear the sound of the ac running.
    I taste peppermint gun that I just popped in my mouth.
    I see Alex’s summer reading books, a birthday card I need to sign, a calculator and a stack of receipts I’ve been adding.
    I smell the iris candle that is on the table
    I touch the keys of the keyboard. My favorite Micron pen.


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