weaving hands and stillness


there was a road trip.  with the kids.  we three, visiting friends and family.
food and conversation and kids painting pottery and making movies and swimming.
there was familiarity.  and fun.

and now we are home.
and there is bread baking in the oven, which you know always soothes me.
there is familiarity.  and ease.

my life isn’t perfect.  i face challenges, like you.
but i know my life is really good.
i know it’s full in so many ways.

there are squabbles and bills to pay and hard questions to ask.
but there are also lunches with freshly baked bread and grapes and asiago cheese.
there are memories of cousins and friends and grandparents, aunts, uncles.

and there are car rides with windows wide open, the fresh air of back roads close to home.
there is my daughter leaning her head out the window, eyes closed to the wind, smiling.
her hand and her brother’s hand out respective windows, weaving in the wind.

this week, that week.  last week, next week.
all filled with moments and memories.  with life.
i want to live with my hand weaving in the wind out my window.

i want to soar with the wind.
because in that soaring
i think i find stillness.


always a little love, m



11 thoughts on “weaving hands and stillness

  1. My life isn’t perfect either, but when the house is filled with the smell of freshly baked bread my life is perfect enough for me.
    Love your words my dear, but then your words always touch me deep and make me smile.

  2. I needed to read this. And you know i’m a baker for the soul too. Let’s soar in the wind and find stillness. Thank you

  3. such beautiful words. i must tell you how much i have learned from you over the past year. slow down, notice the moments and don’t rush life. this is the honest truth sweet friend. thank you. xoxo


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