we made these cookies yesterday.  yum.

i keep listening to this. {thanks, e}

i took an extended mish-mash class with deb last year.  super fun.  she’s awesome and i love her.  check out her next offering which runs one week, september 1-7.  hurry…it’s almost september 1!

also awesome and someone else i love is tara.  she’s got a fantastic e-course, creative spark, beginning september 15.  read about it here.  seriously fantastic.  yep.

this article.  you should know:  swearing present; very long.  also:  worth reading every word + the follow-up post {which can be found by clicking on link at end of article.}

enjoying this tea lately.

wanting to make these.

this article too. {thanks, alisha}

i really love this project.  i’m all signed up.  are you??


have a great weekend, everyone!
sending a little love your way, m



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