25 things that take my breath away


1.  peeking at my sleeping kids and giving them a final kiss for the day
2.  poetry…especially the everyday, free-form, non-rhyming kind
3.  mountains
4.  lakes, oceans, rivers
5.  the way the wind is blowing through our birch trees out back right.now
6.  our birch trees out back
7.  autumn leaves dancing from tree to ground
8.  snowflakes dancing from sky to ground
9.  sitting on the screened porch with my husband and twinkle lights
10. my kids
11. motherhood
12. the way bread dough rises
13. key lime pie
14. music
15. art
16. deep friendships
17. forests
18. the way a seed grows into a flower, vegetable, tree
19. tears
20. silence
21. my husband kissing our kids
22. hawaii
23. truth
24. knowing that the sky over me is also over you
25. this life…seriously


i’ll be away from this space next week as i enjoy a vacation with my family.
see you soon and be good to you.

sending a little love your way, m



inspired by bethany and her beautiful list.





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