little drops


five down from the top of our steps last week
the sweet yellow buds peeked out
closed in the evening and morning hours but
by mid-day and through the afternoon
full and open and like
little drops of yellow-colored joy
so that walking up or walking down
i could not help but notice them and
be charmed by them
every time and they stay with me
little drops of yellow-colored joy
little drops of yellow-colored yes, please and
thank you


sending a little love your way, m



3 thoughts on “little drops

  1. it’s those little things – how precious! love the flower against the wood.
    amazing how they can find a home almost anywhere.

    looks like you had a lovely time away.

  2. Of course you noticed those darling little yellow flowers! That’s the kind of person you are, M. You notice the tiny, beautiful things. Love you.


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