king arthur and the sedum


the autumn sedum {do you remember?} has turned.  dusty. rusty. pink.  i wait for this each year.  something about this plant and its turning at this time of year gets to me.  in the very best of ways.  outside playing with the kids or sitting at my desk and looking out the window, my eyes turn to the sedum again and again.  they’re not fancy.  i think that’s why i love them.

right now, as i type this, my husband is reading to the kids.  it’s bedtime here.  the light outside my window is fading…a rosy hue.  warm and muted.  it nearly matches the sedum. the house is quiet.  thank goodness.  my kids are so loud sometimes…and these days they’re into talking like gollum {of the hobbit and lord of the rings} or moaning like zombies {don’t ask}.  sigh.  it’s getting a little old.

but now.  now, it is so quiet.  just the voice of my husband reading king arthur.  the kids are curled on the couch, staring into space.  i wonder what kind of pictures are being painted in their minds as they listen to the tales of king arthur and sir galahad.  actually, i don’t think they’ve gotten to galahad yet.  but you know…the knights, the castles, the round table.

magical tales and the magical turning of the autumn sedum.  magic, magic, magic.


sending a little love your way, m




11 thoughts on “king arthur and the sedum

  1. Now with just one at home I have gotten use to the quiet, when they all visit it’s LOUD!
    I do miss reading to my children at night, something that was a ritual here.
    Have you read The White Knight by W.E. Cule? It was a big hit with my children.

    1. so good to hear your voice again! King Arthur sounds wonderful — what age do you think would enjoy this book? Is 8 too young! xo

      1. julie, we first read this when my daughter was 8. it does require a certain amount of attention, but 8 works! before king arthur, we read robin hood. i’ll email you a link to the version we have and love…a little lighter…you might start with this one {we’ve read multiple times!}.

        1. just put this on hold at the library last night! Excited to receive it. I do love reading to my kids!! One of my favorite times of the day!

          thank you, Julie


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