ten things…plus three


lately, i’ve taken to making lists in my journal.  ten things, whatever comes to mind at that particular time when i’m sitting with pen in hand.  sometimes gratitude, sometimes complaint…always observation, noting, acceptance.

here’s my list just now.

ten things.
1.   hot cup of tea.  earl grey.  decaf.  almond milk.  maple syrup.
2.   music turned down low.  iron & wine.
3.   my daughter curled in chair by windows.  wrapped in fleecy blanket.  reading.
4.   my son still sleeping.  crazy {for this house}.  it’s 7 o’clock.
5.   the mist outside my window.
6.   the yellowing leaves of the river birch.
7.   the house so quiet and still.  holding me.  us.
8.   twinkle lights in the kitchen.  must get some by my desk.
9.   my daughter sniffling.
10. feeling content and very much right here in this morning.

and sometimes i write more than ten…

11.  eager to do my daughter’s science experiment this morning.  love a plan.
12.  my son will have three soccer games in the next 36 hours.
13.  pom-poms hanging from lampshade.  the button earrings my daughter made for me hanging too.

ever feel like writing but don’t know what to write?  
or ever feel like writing but also feel emotionally spent?
make a list.  just ten things.  or five.  or one.  it feels good.  i promise.


sending a little love your way, m



15 thoughts on “ten things…plus three

  1. Michelle, I’ll post photos of the dutch lists on my blog – sometime the next days. Right now “busy” and rolling in bliss due to Tara’s 31 Days of Playful Drawing ;)
    xo xo

  2. I really love this. I often sit and want to write, but don’t know what to write. Mind you I sometimes write lists, but they are what has to be done or what needs to be bought. But the idea of writing just what I feel or is in this very moment doesn’t come naturally. I really love this. I’m going to do it. x

  3. Oh Michelle! You list as well as your list-making made me so happy.
    here’s mine:
    1. A sunday of which I spent 7 hours outdoors.
    2. starting the day today by sniffing ground coffee, making my Cup of coffee, enjoying the warmth of the Cup in my Hand (it was a wrap my Hand almost around it sized Cup) and tasting the bliss
    3. being so absorbed by enjoying my coffee that it made me get the coloured pencils out to draw a Cup of coffee and note my thoughts on how to enjoy it properly :)
    4. juggling ideas of how to´spend the day: park? Lake? photowalk?
    5. my bunnylady coming to visit in the Loggia. sitting down and watching me attentively
    6. being able to Count down the days til fall break on one Hand! Four left, I am so grateful.
    7. journaling my heart out while drinking the 2nd and 3rd Cup of coffee.
    8.being a Tourist in my own City (kinda like artist’s date in Julia Cameron categories) – sitting on the top deck of a huge London style bus, sunbathing and taking photos
    9. not having forgotten to take my dutch, vanilla flavoured coffee with me on the trip. smiling at the bewilderment that the guy next to me thinks I a super nuts as I am drinking of a “camera-objective-styled” thermo Cup.
    10. getting desk work done in time so I have time to get photos organized and read Blogs, such as yours.

    I am so on the same page generally when it Comes to making lists. My filofax has several lists:
    -books I want to read and which are already in my shelve
    -art Projects
    -creativity ideas
    -meals to cook
    -Artist Dates nearby.

    List again. cannot help it. Good night from Aachen. :)
    xxx Nic

      1. Oh Michelle, on Friday I purchased the dutch Special Edition of Flow – it’s Mindfulness. Imagine,there’s an Artist doing artsy lists about mindfulness Habits and thought Patterns. I’ll take photos and share them, having a Feeling you’ll love These (will do my best to translate them, it’s got benefits living 5 mins from the dutch border ^^) xo xo

  4. Lists, part of my life for as long as I can remember, love them.
    I remember weekends filled with ball games, hectic, but so much fun. And experiments…we did two this week [Advanced Biology], very cool looking at stomach cells under the microscope.
    Have a great time!

  5. super awesome. i like it very much, your list.
    I especially love the photo. those windows are GORGEOUS and everything about the photo actually is so inviting.

  6. My lists are usually of things to accomplish, but I may take a stab at listing just what pops into my mind. Love your list, M. Like Kelly ==> Love #7. xo

  7. You’ve inspired me:

    1. Morning coffee 2. Family 3. Listening to the waves 4. Vacation 5. Dolphins!!! 6. Pelicans 7. Virtual friends 8. Listening to the shore birds 9. My new (ish) camera 10. Getting ready ready for a morning walk on the shore…..

    Love being on vacation. 😃🌴🐬😃

    Sent from my iPad


  8. eep! three soccer games?? I think you will be living in your car. my ten: green decaf with a wee bit of sugar, snuggles with frodo, chats with the kids, no cooking days, list making mornings, being in the moment when i’m drinking in the falling leaves, the future and all its possibilities, my family, chocolate, and visiting fun blogs like yours.

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