the growing and the letting go


i dropped him off at soccer practice this evening and watched him walk across the field. alone, without me.  usually i stay for his practice, but i needed to pick up his sister from her practice. so, once he joined his teammates and coach, i drove away.  a quiet fell over me. seeing him walk across that field – away from me – was symbolic of bigger things going on these days.  my boy is growing.  fast.  he’ll be in high school next year {eegads} and there’s talk about how his high school years will look…whether we continue to homeschool or whether he goes to traditional high school.  this talk is at the forefront of my mind lately.  i know we don’t need to figure it out today.  but i’m obsessing about it a wee bit.  okay, maybe more than a wee bit. this growing thing, this watching him grow…i don’t even know what to say.  it gives me pause.  it makes me question.  it makes me wonder.  and it makes me love him so much.

the seasons, the turning, the growing, the letting go.

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. this is so much on my mind, that i wrote about it over here too.



13 thoughts on “the growing and the letting go

  1. there is one thing I know that is true, all will work out in the end. You have a great relationship with your kids and whatever is decided is not etched in stone, it can change. You will be involved in his education a lot if he goes to traditional school. I was omnipresent with course selection, homework, band practices, and tennis matches. It’s a wonderful age and fun. If he stays homeschooling you know all of that already. The most important aspect is to listen to him, hear him, and respect what he needs educationally, emotionally and socially. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as this year unfolds.

    email me if you have questions about traditional school :)

  2. i’ve already responded to all of you via email, but posting something here too, in case you come back here first…thank you, each of you, for every word written. every single one.

  3. Heart strings well and truly tugged here…I feel this so much, the letting go, and jeez is it hard. Sending a hug your way : )

  4. i don’t know what to say. the idea of having children freaks me out big time, and listening to your concerns… freaks me out even more. sending love your way too xo

    1. oh, petra, i would never try to convince you to have children because i believe it’s not for everyone. but i will tell you that the hard stuff {like this} is far outweighed by everything else. being a mama has been – and continues to be – the best thing i’ve ever done. it’s really, really amazing…

      and thanks for the love xx

  5. Yes, honest words. When I was going through those later years with my oldest it reminded me of repelling. You know when you are standing on top of that mountain, and you have to go from standing to siting on the side of the mountain. It is just a very scary transition, but once you are sitting, it’s all fun from there! I just discovered you had a blog through the love note project, so here I am. I love the workshops you are creating, can’t wait for the gratitude one to start! blessings. I couldn’t comment using my google or any other, so I had to use my facebook.
    ~ 22 limes

    1. christina, what a great analogy…must think on that some more!
      so glad you found my blog via the love notes project {isn’t that a sweet project?!} and sorry for any trouble you had signing in; it’s so nice to “see” you here.
      and…i hope you’ll join in gratitude week!

  6. Oh my this brought tears to my eyes as I have been there with all three of my boys. Leaving them yes, on the soccer field, but also watched as I sat in the car as they darted out of the backseat to head off to a high school football game or a movie or their own life. xoxooox


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