they’re really into dragons.  especially drawing and coloring them.  they’ve got a binder with plastic sleeves full of dragons.  all with individual names and powers.  i love that they do this together.  i love that they ask to use my “good” colored pencils.  and i love that they leave them spread out on the floor.  i don’t bother asking them to pick them up.  what for?  it’s evidence of happy endeavors.  they fight, as any siblings do.  but when they work on dragons, there is a hush.

and i am all for the hush these days…


sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “hush

  1. I love that this is something they want to do together. I just had a wonderful time with my three sisters. Although our three brothers weren’t with us too, we loved every minute of having that time to bond and reminisce…xxO

  2. This photo is already bliss. How can I ever stop getting the sketchbook out? 14+ hours in the past 3 days! :) (nope, I am not complaining. and should try a Dragon, too.) xx

      1. I have a list in my filofax (which I Keep calling Creatifax because of tons of creative Project lists piling in there). “drawing a Dragon” has become a top priority list item :) Watching Harry Potter in a few minutes, this might help with the Dragons… xxx

  3. This brings to me one of my favourite songs of all times, “There’s A Kind of Hush.” I sing it a lot. You had a reader addicted to Herman’s Hermits. I just laughed softly. Here’s to quiet dragons and a kind of hush that soothes.


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