sometimes it’s easy


after dinner
they head outside while
i wash dishes, pack leftovers
wipe table and chairs

soon i follow
to join them
soccer ball flying
a pup weaving in and out

they humor me
my kicks weak in comparison
i don’t mind
they {mostly} don’t mind
we’re outside

on a beautiful october evening
the air cool and crisp
the way autumn air should be
we move about the yard
the ball, the pup, we four

eventually we turn indoors
where the light is dim
save for the string above the kitchen sink
i know these lights will cheer me in
the coming months as

the days grow shorter
and they cheer me now
the way strings of light should
casting shadows on
tossed shoes and ball

moving to the sofa
light switched on
they listen
enchanted as he reads
winding down the day

this october day
our home cozy
the way a home should be
it’s easy sometimes
the book, the pup, we four


sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “sometimes it’s easy

  1. beautiful! as we just moved, it’s still a long way to go until the cozy home…balancing between not overdoing but still getting things going… your words will keep me going until we’ll finally sit down – a book, we four :)

  2. It’s a beautiful time of year isn’t it? As I read your words I could picture them in my mind Michelle, like a story unfolding, wonderful!

  3. contentment is teeming over in this poem. I love october and you captured it beautifully. You also have me thinking of those childhood rearing days :) Such fun!


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