i went upstairs to get something and ended up coming back downstairs for my camera. because look at this light, these planets, this sweet bit of little boy hanging from the ceiling of my newly-teenage boy.  heart tug.

i’m forever grateful for the life that i live right now.  we have our share of ups and downs, but there’s a lot of good peppered into our roller coaster ride.  and these planets hanging in yesterday’s morning light…well, they were good.  they reminded me of when he was four years old and he walked around our kitchen table explaining the earth’s rotation and how that affected our seasons.  he sort of bobbed as he walked and talked, orbiting our table, very intent on his movement and his understanding and his explanation…the memory is so clear to me these years later.  it’s funny the things that trigger memories, isn’t it?  things that we pass by every day and take little note of.  but there are memories and stories tucked everywhere. it’s up to us to listen.

yesterday, i listened.  and as i left my son’s room and turned to walk downstairs, i thought i would snap a picture of him curled in the chair by the family room windows, morning light streaming in.  not bobbing or orbiting the kitchen table but, instead, still and quiet in the arm chair…his mind bobbing (no doubt) though a world of fiction.  i opted not to fuss with the camera and just gazed at him instead.  i didn’t need the photograph.  the story was already told, received, tucked away.

the kitchen table, the family room.  the bobbing while walking, the quiet repose in a chair.  all on my watch.  i am the curator of stories.  (you are too.)
they are everywhere…


sending a little love your way, m

p.s. writing this post and reflecting on the warmth in my heart just now, i am reminded of gratitude week which is coming up.  for those of you who haven’t read or heard about it yet, click right here to read about it.  i hope you join me and us.  xx



6 thoughts on “curating

  1. Some 30 years ago, two little boys shared a room and covered the ceiling with glow in the dark stars and hung dinosaurs they made with fishing line. Today they are still there. Sometimes I go into what is now the guest room and flip the light on for a few moments, turn it off and lay on the bed and remember. This post touched my mama heart so. You just keep teaching me to notice the moments. xooxo


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