nothing of consequence


the remaining leaves hang surely
the lushness of summer passed
but glory still
as they cultivate presence in the wind beneath
a sky heavy with clouds
and they maintain lightness

the birch leaves whisper as
they dance on the breeze
casual about former verdure and
seemingly at ease with now-yellowing bodies and drying edges
which begin to curl inward

i stand beneath the trees
a sweater wrapped tightly about me
not wanting the wind to penetrate
and i watch
the way they dangle from branches
then drop asudden as if

it is nothing of consequence and
there is no need to resist
they simply release and
glide and come to rest
and i stand with the birches
and i watch


sending a little love your way, m

p.s. remember nichole?!  well, it’s my turn to answer some of her questions.  you can enjoy
{i do hope you’ll enjoy} our conversation over here.
p.p.s. have a wonderful weekend…



8 thoughts on “nothing of consequence

  1. Beautiful words, I especially like the concept of falling without resistance. Just dropping it all perhaps, detach and float – almost like sleep. Lovely, thank you

  2. I loved the interview so much; so good to learn a little bit more about you. You always inspired me to stop and slow down and take in the moments. Thank you…


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