ten things


ten things.  right now.

1.   darkness outside my window…not even a hint of daylight yet…but i know it’s coming
2.   the chill of early morning
3.   papers {too many} on my desk
4.   the softness of well-worn flannel pajamas
5.   the soft glow of the lamp
6.   the quiet
7.   legos…there are a lot of them in this house
8.   a list of to-do’s rattling in my head…must write them down
9.   thinking about having a slice of this in a bit…with tea, of course
10. feeling not-quite-ready to begin this day…but it has already begun…so here i go

what is your right now like?

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. if you live in the united states…don’t forget to vote today!



12 thoughts on “ten things

  1. I did vote and it felt good. I am enjoying waking to dark skies and plugging in my twinkle lights as I make a cup of tea, it’s very cozy. It has been chilly here in the mornings and I’m loving it!

  2. having coffee and enjoying, or trying to, my last morning in Malaysia. listening to the muezzin across the bay and the kittens in the backyard and the birds. sending a little love your way too xo

  3. Hi there, new follower.
    My ten things:
    1. Deciding my next blog post topic.
    2. Stalking Barefoot Five (how I found you).
    3. Reading the blogs listed on her site. ^^
    4. Anxiously awaiting the results of amendment 2 in Florida.
    5. Stressing about a move back to FL in 2 weeks.
    6. Thankful for Saturday being my last at my current job.
    7. Daydreaming about my next job, if everything works out.
    8. My feet are freezing, even with socks on.
    9. I’m out of hot cocoa.
    10. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  4. 1. Replenished yarn stash 2. Happy to be off today 3. Having fun on IG (new to me) 4. Going to cut out vest to sew for grandson 5. Grateful for my online photography friends 6. Sun is shining 7. A fairly decent night’s sleep under my belt 8. Leftovers for supper 9. Hopeful 10. Content

    Thanks for asking, Michelle!

  5. Right now Tummy is warm from last bit of morning coffee. Gentle sudoku done All but a few words missing in daily crossword Anxious about upcoming surgery Wind outside fiercely howling Sun blasting through the windows Sprinkler system probably not doing a good job with wind howling Waiting for ms. Kitty to show up. She desperately hates the wind Content that I am loved unconditionally. Xo

    😊Sent from my iPhone http://kelly-justaclickaway.blogspot.com/?m=1


  6. Good Morning Michelle, my day started few hours ago, getting the kids ready for school. Now they are out and I have time to drink my coffee and checking blog posts. I found yours and enjoying very much. Have a great day!

  7. My right now is:
    Not quite believing it is November yet
    A stunning blue sky
    A longer than usual day at work but knowing my lovely family and warm house will be waiting : )
    Have a beautiful day and enjoy your cake and a cuppa!
    Jane x


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