the meeting of home and gratitude


home is where the heart is.
layer upon layer of meaning and story.  a collection of embraces and a swirling of emotions.

some days leave me spinning and unsure about where and how to divide my attention.  at the end of the day, however, it’s pretty clear.  my feet stand firmly here, in our home.  but more than my feet standing on these specific floors within these specific walls, it’s the three people standing next to me that make my home.  i feel blessed with the amazing connections i’ve made with people (like you) in blogland and on flickr and on instagram, but constantly check in with myself to make sure my attention is where it needs to be.  and while i continue to forge an artistic path for myself which includes writing and photography, i am very clear on the heart-filling that accompanies time spent with my husband and children.   they are my home, no matter where my feet stand.  and for them, and for their presence in my life, i am forever grateful.

in the circular way that life seems to work though, it’s the comfort and home-ness i find with my little family that feeds my artistic spirit; and when i feed my artistic spirit, i can feed my family spirit as well.  and so i continue to seek ways to make my real-time world co-exist with my online world, because much of my creative work lies online these days.  and this leads me into a gentle reminder that next week begins gratitude week.  i know many of you are signed up already to receive my gratitude notes.  i’m having such a good time reflecting on gratitude and putting those notes together for you…i can’t wait to send them your way.  every day is a good day for marking gratitude. but i’m so eager to mark gratitude in community for seven days (november 10-16).  i’ll see you back here monday, my friends.  we’re gonna have ourselves a little gratitude party…
(if you’d like to have my gratitude notes delivered to your inbox next week, click the image below)


sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “the meeting of home and gratitude

  1. I’m looking forward to next week Michelle. I think it’s important that we always notice the things in our lives we have to be grateful for because when we really stop to notice it’s easy to see how wonderful and grand life is!
    Happy weekend.

  2. striking that balance is critical isn’t it? I can easily get lost in clicking links, reading posts and sometimes wasting time. I put time limits on myself just to keep the boundaries clear. I think it’s needed.

  3. Oh M. I so admire how you shine your light online while keeping you feet planted amongst your loved ones at home. Beautiful and inspiring, always.


    P.S. I’m looking forward to gratitude week with you!


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