gratitude week :: day two

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

tossled hair and early morning light

a day that was quiet and slow {and needed, with two kids coughing and sniffing}…the smells and tastes of cinnamon rolls and sourdough bread…feeling nourished on so many levels

reading to the kids…bodies leaning into each other, legs crossing mine…the rapt attention, the togetherness, the magic

feeling so full as we share this week together…going through emails and comments in yesterday’s post and the gratitude week pool on instagram…i wrote this note to myself {because some days it’s hard to show up and do the work that i know i need to do}…but as i wrote it, i knew it was for all of you too…for showing up this week, but also for showing up in your daily lives…because that matters

sending a little love your way, m

600gratitude week 2014

pick your favorite way(s) to play along:

1. share your gratitudes on instagram with the hashtag #gratitudeweek_2014
2. leave a comment sharing your gratitudes in the comments below 
3. if you have a blog, write a post and share a link to your post in the comments below
4. send me an email…i love them, i read them, i respond to them all…your voice, your presence matters xo
5. reflect privately at home
6. sign up for gratitude notes



16 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day two

  1. I love that you wrote a note to yourself. I have a black wipe off board and I leave notes for myself there. Now, I feel motivated to encourage and celebrate my efforts daily. Thank you Michelle.

  2. I sure would love to spend a day with you. that would be so nice. your email this morning had me thinking and i mentioned something similar yesterday, there are times i feel guilty for all the things I have at my disposal. things others don’t have.

  3. I loved the email we got from you with the picture of your glasses. The photo made me smile and the words touched my heart. Yes to going deeper. xo

  4. Such a beautiful post, Michelle. Thank you. Thank you for showing up. In all ways. My inbox was much brighter with you there. oxoxox

  5. Grateful that my family could join me this week as I speak and teach at a high school. Grateful that when I woke up in this hotel room, I woke to the inhales and exhales of the people I cherish most of all.


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