gratitude week :: day six

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

fresh food on our table every day…and the farmers who grow our food…and the grocery stores who stock that food…and the car which enabled us to get to the store…and my husband’s job which pays the grocery bill…and the table on which our dishes rest and around which we gather…daily

she woke me in the middle of the night after having a bad dream and asked me to sleep with her…i treasure every night that we snuggle like this, even if it means restless and squished sleep for me…to listen to her slow breathing and feel her still-small body smooshed against mine and for her sweet face to be the first thing upon which my morning eyes gaze…i will say yes every time

this desk from which i type every post, from which most of my writing is done, from which all of my photo uploading is done…old and warped, but mine…my sacred space in the midst of our family home…given to me by a furniture designer {and amazing lady} for whom i once worked {i thank her in my heart time and time again for handing off this desk to me instead of donating it elsewhere}…just looking at it from across the room {even when covered in papers} gives me a rush of peace

sending a little love your way, m

600gratitude week 2014

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10 thoughts on “gratitude week :: day six

  1. when our son had bad dreams, he would crawl in between us and my, the elbows and knees that were felt! A bad dream was created by a scary part of a movie every single time. love your desk and how much you love it.

  2. I bet she was an interesting and special lady… The lady who gave you the desk..? There’s stories here I can’t wait to hear.. One day xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. I’m nodding my head with each of your gratitude mentions. I feel the same way about snuggling in bed with the babies. It’s fleeting and I take the chance when it’s offered. Your desk is really beatiful, I love that it holds history.

  4. I also had a snuggle night (with both) and I was squished but loved it just the same.
    The food/farmers/grocers gratitude is one I think of often. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate all that. 🙏
    That desk has looked dreamy to me for over a year now. It’s magic! XO


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