over the weekend, i finished knitting a cowl.  now i must tell you that i’m not much of a knitter.  some of you out there are amazing…i know. me…well, i know one stitch, that’s it.  but it’s enough to make myself a cowl.  i’ll also tell you that it took me a long time to make this simple thing.  i started last year, i think about this time.  i have a tendency to get excited about projects and then let them fizzle, simmer, go out. ahem.

but not this one.  i wasn’t going to let this project fizzle.  the blue is in honor of my throat chakra, and i couldn’t let this project slide…because i’m over here working so hard on my voice.  the genuine one, the me one.  not the one i grew up thinking everyone wanted to hear, {good lord} not the one i used in high school or college.  but the one i know to be true, the one that is me.  and so i picked up the needles, and i finished.

and it’s not a big deal really.  but it kind of is.  i needed to get it done.  and as i type this, the cowl wraps my neck on this cold november day… keeps me warm, reminds me what happens when you show up and move and get things done.  its reminds me that i need to be true to me, that i must walk through this world singing my own song in my own voice.

truthfully, i’m still figuring out the voice thing {who am i really?}.  i’m working out the notes and cadence…with pen, with camera, and some days, with knitting needle.  last year, this year.  last week, this week.  yesterday, today.  now.  here i am.  and here i go.

you too?

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. you all rocked my gratitude world last week.  thank you.  xo



18 thoughts on “voice

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  2. Oh yes! I am working so hard on finding my voice, through pen, paper and pictures. What a beautiful post. It can be so hard coming up from under all the other voices people have forced upon us.

  3. Finding my voice…how many times have I said these words. For me, it seems it’s a lifelong journey taking one step at a time. I love your cowl; it’s very pretty. I am a knitter too; it’s been a big part of my healing as it’s so relaxing and reminds me that each stitch is similar to each step I take toward finding my true self….

  4. Oh Michelle, your post resonated with me so much! I have also been finding my voice, learning how to honor my true self and it hasn’t been easy. I have done such a good job of hiding my self and molding my self to shape what I thought others wanted that it has been a bit like an archeological dig. But it’s happening, little by little, and I am so glad it is happening for you as well! :)

  5. This is truly beautiful, and yes, I’m sure you will find yourself. Actually, seems to me you already found what you were looking for, or at least, it’s there very clear for you to see… when the right moment comes :)

  6. same here. I was just wondering about the same thing this morning. why is it so hard to be really yourself? and aren’t I too old to still struggle with this? love your knitting. makes me want to take out my knitting needles too. but I’m worried this would freak out monsieur too much. it’s a side of me ha hasn’t discovered yet ;)

    sending a little love your way too xo

  7. That is wonderful! I’m so excited for you! Yes, that is a big deal, and an accomplishment. How lovely to have something beautiful to wear to remind you to be true to you!!!

  8. It is a big deal. because I get it. If I began to list the projects I start never to complete. This is a really big deal. And the voice, finding it. You have written this and expressed yourself so well. I feel like your voice is coming to its real life. It seems so to me anyway. You have a strong voice here. I learn so much from you.

  9. I got a little teary eyed reading your post. Yes, lets all find our voices and not be strayed from the path of our own true selves. {Gorgeous, soft and lovely photo and what a gift to yourself in your cowl!} xo

  10. I agree, we all have a voice and we speak through our place of interest and creativity and we must not stop singing. Great work and good for you to follow through..

  11. Oh M.
    How I love this. All of it. The throat chakra {oh my goodness, yes}, the cowl {so lovely}, the self-portrait {pure and shining you}. This path of finding one’s true voice isn’t fast or easy, but it sparkles. {As do you}.



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