catching stories


this time of year always has me feeling quiet.  it’s not as if i’m not busy and it’s not as if my to-do list has gotten any shorter.  but i move into a stillness.  even on a morning like today, when i’ve practiced yoga, run to the grocery store, done 2 loads of laundry, and been out for a run by 9:30 am {no, this is not typical}, i feel a hush.  i feel soft, subdued, muted.  and not muted in a silenced sort of way…rather a silent sort of way. i am doing, yes.  but i’m also listening…listening to all the stories around me.  i want to catch them all.

wishing you silence in your days so that you can catch some of your own stories…

sending a little love your way, m


p.s. i share a bit more about how i feel this time of year over at secret rebel club.  you can read my piece by clicking here.



5 thoughts on “catching stories

  1. Lovely words and picture. I feel the need to hibernate around this time, but no chance of that. I am convinced we should though. Have a beautiful and peaceful day : )

  2. thank you. your day sure sounds inspiring. I worked, then picked up MoonRebal, ate blogged and now I’m reading blogs but I think I should take a walk at least. My cycle is just around the corner. so things feel a little weird and I feel heavy.


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