what i want to remember


this is what i want to remember today…putting up the christmas lights.  how my son took charge and pretty much did the whole job himself {well, okay, if you insist…}.  how he told me he wanted it to be perfect and wanted to do it all by himself {though he let me move the chair for him}, even when that meant redoing the last section…because this boy is not a slacker with the lights {unlike moi who would have totally made do with the way it came out the first time}. and how my daughter ran around the yard with the pup, shoes thrown off {no matter that it was in the thirties}, running through the near-frozen grass in her polka dot socks.  how she slipped her feet back into her shoes and climbed the tree {so high} {too high}.  how she snipped evergreen boughs and holly sprigs for the mantel.  and how i snipped a few more. and, after the lights were all strung, the three of us stood in the yard, facing the house.  and we smiled.  i didn’t look at either one of them {i was too busy looking at the lights} but i knew there were smiling…i felt it.  and i knew my son was proud, so proud. and my daughter too, for different reasons.  there was pride.  and contentment.  and then we gathered the boughs and sprigs, the extra cords, the pruners.  we went inside. and we waited for my husband to come home and see the magic worked.

sending a little love your way, m



11 thoughts on “what i want to remember

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  2. Love! There’s so, so much to embrace these days, and it feels so odd to see people rushing, worried and stressed, no smile on their faces… while there is so much to savor, so much to love, so much peace for the heart and mind, in quiet and simplicity.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day…the photo is sooooo beautiful. I have only one question…so, let us know…when your husband came home, did the magic work? Of course it did!!! How could it not…it’s the best magic. One of love ❤️🎄.

    ps – you have once again touched my heart with a smile when it needs it the most.


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