it can wait


it’s friday already?  say what?!  seriously, i’m working on being present, and, mostly, i feel like i am present…but how can i get from monday to friday and not really know how that happened?  there were sweet bits to my week…much to appreciate.  there were also a few {parenting} hitches…i swear those hitches try my patience like no other kind of hitch.  it wasn’t a fast-and-furious kind of week, but as the week winds down and we round our way into the weekend, i’m sitting here shaking my head.

it’s friday already?  say what?!  i’ve determined not to get caught up in the holiday frenzy. and not that i’ve ever really done that, but this year, especially, i’m making an effort to keep things slow and easy.  so slow and easy that i still have a lot of things that need doing before that certain date rolls around {and i’m well aware that it will be rolling around mighty soon}. i’m not stressed.  but the fact that i’m not stressed kinda stresses me out.  know what i mean?

seriously, it’s friday?  what’s a girl to do?  here’s what she does.  she makes herself a cup of tea {or coffee, if that’s her thing} and maybe she writes a list, maybe not.  as the day progresses, maybe she crosses a few things off that list, maybe not.  but she does what absolutely needs doing and lets the rest wait.  because, in all honesty, there’s a lot that can really, truly wait.  and at the end of the day, she’s going to kick her feet up and sink into the couch and know that tomorrow’s another day. another day for the tea {or coffee} and the list. another day to do what absolutely needs doing.  another day to decide what can really, truly wait.

because we all know there’s a lot that can really, truly wait.
{yes, even during the holiday season}

sending a little love your way, m



13 thoughts on “it can wait

  1. it’s Friday already? it’s actually Saturday already while I’m reading this, but I swear it was Tuesday just yesterday. all very strange. and in a way I can’t wait for a new year to start, and in a way I want time to slow down. have a most wonderful weekend. and may it be long and relaxed.

  2. Hi Michelle, lovely photo and words. I’m slowing down too, taking my time, sometimes I forget and hurry to do something, and then I say what is all the hurry about? Have a great weekend, no hurry, enjoy each moment.

  3. Tea and a comfy couch always sounds good to me, and yes, there is always tomorrow to get things done (and for another sneaky sit on that couch with a cuppa) : ) I absolutely love your photograph today, love! Have a great weekend xx

  4. A hot cup of tea and a list is the perfect way to start a day, at least that is how mine started too. No stress here either; just enjoying the moments as they unfold.
    Happy weekend Michelle.

  5. …i’ve read this with my morning coffee…i feel the same way…i feel like you and I have just had a wee girlfriend visit…

    it feels good :)

    happy friday, my friend

    connie :)

  6. oh yes, a lot that can really, truly wait…but not the yoga class I found myself in this morning and now, the cup of tea you mentioned :-) thank you for putting it into words so nicely, have a wonderful weekend!

  7. like you, i’ve been working hard to stay present and low key!! which, means, there are things that will have to get done…!! we’ve actually decided to spend christmas in florida as a gift to our family, so there isn’t a whole lot of buying to do… a few trinkets will do. but, mercy, now there’s packing to do!! xo

  8. I am drinking my coffee and making my list and smiling at the good gift of a friend who writes words that keep my feet on the floor and my heart wide open to the things that count! Thank you, wise and good friend!


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