an invitation


so many are on the hunt for joy and happiness and balance and just-rightness.  and i can’t say i never look for that too.  but less so, as these days and weeks and years pass by.  i’m less for the hunt and more for the celebration of what is, which borders on sounding cliché, maybe…there’s much talk about what is.  the now.  but it’s good talk, i think.  it’s not to say we don’t hold fond memories of what has passed or that we don’t dream of the future. because we do…we’re human.  but there’s richness to be found in our present.

bear in mind that someone else’s joy or balance may look very different from yours.  and someone else’s just-rightness may be a half attempt for you.   they come in all guises.  as i type this, my daughter sits next to me, stitching a felt star.  she used a blue marker to trace the star pattern onto white felt and, after cutting the stars out, a little of the blue marker is visible.  i can tell it feels good for her, blue marker and all. she’s not searching or seeking…she’s stitching.  i learn from this.

the deep living happens quietly and consistently, in the little pockets.  don’t let anyone tell you where to find your life or your happiness or your joy or your accomplishment.  i invite you to find that for yourself.  in truth, i invite you to feel it.  forget about the finding-looking-hunting. feel it.  life will be in the usual places; it will be in the less-usual places.  you may feel things deeply in the light; it may be in the darker times and moments that you feel and understand. feel where and when you’re able to feel.  this life thing can be on your terms, not that of cultural norm.

as we move toward winter solstice {december 21} and as we close out this calendar year – both transitions that encourage reflection – know that whatever you’re feeling and whatever you’re doing is as it should be.  this is easier said than done, i know.  i really do know.  i’m not intending to paint a rosy picture.  rather, i extend an invitation.

you are invited to this life.  in all your messy glory.
come as you are.
but please come now.

sending you so much love, m
and happy holidays!

p.s. this will be my last post for 2014, as i’m taking a little break from this space for the next two weeks.  i’ll catch you on the flip side.  xo



13 thoughts on “an invitation

  1. a beautiful invitation. and i wholeheartedly agree with your thinking around someone else’s joy or balance very often looking very different from mine.
    wishing for you a peaceful and joy-filled holiday time.

  2. maybe it’s an age thing? maybe the searching is part of a certain time in your life, and the being in the now a possibility for another one? but I hear you. I spent a lot of time searching and find it very liberating that I now can simply be. at least at times.

    happy holidays. and sending a lot, a lot of love your way too. see you next year xoxo

  3. Thank you for these words. So good to read this morning as I sit and plot a course through weekend holiday plans, a birthday party, the anniversary of a loss…and have a gentle reminder to take it all in and feel it.
    Best wishes to you in the new year.
    (PS — I added some love notes and reminders to the pocket of our advent calendar, similar to what you posted in early December. My daughter asked how I knew ahead of time the right note for each day. A little bit of magic).

  4. Hi Michelle, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I’ve learned this year that we don’t need everything perfect to be happy, we need to find happiness in the imperfect.

  5. It’s always a good idea to visit your blog. It’s thoughtful and it’s real. I love that about you. I love especially you learn from your girl. Those littles are full of the best ways of living. oh and they way you remind me that my idea of balance may be totally different from my neighbors and I need to keep that solid in my mind. xo

    See you in 2015.

  6. I needed this today; on the verge of tears I am, just because. I am printing this off and posting it where I can see it every day. Little pockets of feeling, not hunting….. so good. Have a beautiful Christmas season. xooox


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