Ten Things {and Happy New Year}


I wasn’t sure how to jump back in here.  With the start of the new year, I was feeling like I should do something, you know, special to begin again in this space.  But what I really feel like doing right now is writing a list.  When I worry too much about what someone else might be thinking {and when they’re most like not thinking anything of the sort}, I’ve learned to return to my now.  And so here is my now.  In ten.

1.  Listening to Sean Hayes
2.  Looking at the sun shining on the grass and trees and crows
3.  Thinking I must get outside {it’s so cold so maybe not} {but that’s what winter coats and hats and mittens are for, yes?}
4.  Sipping Earl Grey tea
5.  Feeling relieved that there are leftovers for dinner {homemade stuffed shells}
6.  Feeling grateful that schoolwork is finished for today and now we will just play
7.  Not loving that the kids are playing video games {but everything in moderation, I remind myself}
8.  Knowing that transitions beg patience {our winter break was so nice and I wish it hadn’t ended quite yet}
9.  Wondering what all those crows out back are thinking right now
10. Admitting that raising my voice earlier was not the best choice and forgiving myself and intending to open my heart just a little bit wider next time


And what about you?  What does your now look like?
Also, Happy New Year to you…

Sending a little love your way, m



14 thoughts on “Ten Things {and Happy New Year}

  1. Here’s my list…
    * Started my day today with a lovely video chat.
    * Unclogged a drain, got a light fixture repaired, washed the dishes.
    * Played with my dog for a solid half hour.
    * Just finished a simple, perfect dinner
    * Husband at the kitchen table reading, me doing nothing in particular.

  2. That is splendid, Michelle! So heartwarming. And I like the leftovers thing!
    My now? Hmmm, it’s midnight and I’m still puttering :) Then a glass of warm milk on the kitchen table (still wearing tartan) and a white amaryllis, the Christmas tree still smiling at me (or me smiling at it), a handmade crown on my head (literally), my books and journals… and possibly I’m headed to bed!
    Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. I love when you do your NOW. Oh gosh, my now wouldn’t be very good. I shouldn’t be so negative BUT I’m at work. (happy to have a job) I have no windows and all I can say is my now is. just ate some almonds, hi-lighted an AP report, looking at a whole bottle of water that I should drink before I leave and admiring my new iphone….so grateful. I upgraded to a really fancy device! All in moderation as you say;) Looking forward to 2015 with you. oh and yes, reading one of my favorite blogs while on the clock…shhhhh don’t tell my dad.

  4. I don’t know what my new now looks like. I just got back after an impromptu extension of our holiday break and I think I forgot my head somewhere along the road. or maybe it’s still stuck in last year’s craziness… having a hard time easing into whatever this is too!

    sending a little love your way too xo

  5. love your “now”. My now……1. I need to get off the computer and do the morning dishes, 2. I love how clean and big my house looks after the decorations are done 3. can’t wait to start a new book 4. it’s cold outside and we will still walk.

  6. Lovely post and photo as usual, this year I’m focus on imperfection and intuition, so I’m going with the flow of each day. Happy new year to you too!

  7. Thank you for giving me a soft place to land today. Back to school always stretches me. And sometimes I snap. But today was good. Gentle. So, I must ask, as I was drinking Earl Grey tea as I was reading your post: how do you take your tea???

    1. Rosaria, I know what you mean about the back to school and the stretching…I do indeed!

      This afternoon, I treated myself to sweetened tea. Check this out {so good}:
      Steep one cup earl grey tea; add one-half cup warmed milk or milk substitute; 1 tsp vanilla extra; 1-2 tsp pure maple syrup.
      I don’t often drink it like this, but sometimes I just need a little something extra for myself!

  8. My now consists of books waiting to be returned to their shelf…we resumed lessons today too.
    A cup of chai with honey and almond milk right by my side
    Enjoy the return of sunshine after days of grey
    Happy I made a menu for the week, but now kind of wishing we lived closer to town for take-out, I’m tired. :)
    Happy new year Michelle, it’s going to be a great year!

  9. Flap jack bars made this afternoon… Not this morning… Clearly brain not at all awake. <3 not that anyone really minds I'm sure xxx

  10. Hello to you in this space too Michelle…
    Feeling warm in my pj’s and huge floppy jumper.

    Listening to the washing machine spin…indicating that the sodding pinger will ping in about 5 minutes…and I’ll need to hang it out to dry in the attic.

    Glad that then there are no more chores to do today so I can read my book.

    Reading (still..) Russell Brand’s Revolution… Secretly I think he’s a bit gorgeous.

    Looking forward to the cup of tea I’ll make having booked the kettle on route to the washing.

    Loving the thought of Lucy tucked in to bed and reading with the cat curled up on her tummy…purring her head off.

    Disappointed in my self for getting cross when milk got split on the carpet…ashamed to admit I shouted. Glad I didn’t swear :)

    Not at all loving the fact that today was first day back to work but extremely grateful the schools have 2 more days off so Lucy had to come in with me and I had to do the afternoon from home. Glad this will be repeated tomorrow.

    Smug that I made amazing banana flapjack bars for breakfast whilst home this morning. Determined I will have another green juice instead.

    Love to you and yours xxXX

  11. I like your list…it’s real and it’s beautiful : ) You are right, everything in moderation and we are all prone to raise our voices every once in a while…we have to test they still work at all volumes ; )) Happy New Year to you too!

    My right now is being a little sad at returning to work (my boy to school)…I miss him and his silliness and the break was so relaxing : )) A full belly from a lovely dinner, a little quiet time to myself and the prospect of a new drama at 9pm (Broadchurch…very good!). Take care xx

  12. My now consists of sundry groceries still sitting in bags, coffee that needs warmed, heart full as I just got done face timing Frankie who’s on a trip, Screwdrivers at the ready as I was rudely awaken by our alarm system, and the code didn’t work-and I sat listening for two hours waiting for frankie to wake up(2hrs time difference in Hawaii) finally walked ne through all the crews and wires to disarm the dang thing, wind howling outside but the temps are warm and I’m thinking about the apple tree that’s blooming down below on our property and the wind doesn’t blow all the blossoms off b4 a photo or two-thankful I have another week off b4 heading back to work. That’s my right now. Xo


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