Killer Toes {and a giveaway}


Her toes kill me.  There’s snow on the ground and she wears no socks…I don’t get it.  But they’re still tiny, and that kills me too.  Sometimes I wonder if, in some way, she knows just how much I love her toes and that’s why she runs about the house year round without socks. Do you think?  Yes, me too.

Someday her toes will be the size of mine and not nearly so cute.  But I’ll have shots like this to remember.  I’ll have shots like this to remember the cold January day when she sat reading in the big chair by the window with the morning light streaming in. I’ll remember the way my heart was tugged.  I’ll remember how she humored me as I took this shot.  I’ll remember the love and the calm I felt.

Because photography does that for me.  It slows me down, helps me notice…day after day. After day.  You know I love this. And you know I love to share what I love.  In honor of that, I’m offering two free spots in my next run of 28 Moments.  Class will run February 9 – March 8, 2015 and registration is officially open.  Click here for more information.

I’ll be picking two winners randomly.  To enter, leave a comment sharing whatever comes to mind…no matter how random.  Might be something you did over the weekend, might be something about the drink you’re sipping right now. Might be your current state of emotions. Don’t overthink it.  First thing that pops into your head.  Type it in.  Comments will remain open until Thursday, January 15 at 12 midnight PST.  Winners will be announced here in this post Friday, January 16.
Comments are now closed.

The winners are Tracey and Deborah!  Congrats, you two…I’ll be sending an email your way.
And thanks to all of you for playing along.  There was quite the discussion on toes and bare feet ;)

Ready, set, go.

Sending a little love your way, m



25 thoughts on “Killer Toes {and a giveaway}

  1. Congratulations to the ladies who have won!! And thanks to you Michelle for the chance to win. Have a wonderful Friday xx

  2. My only daughter (with six brothers) is the same way. She still hates to wear a coat and will try her best to sneak out the door without one. It doesn’t help that the 8th graders at her school have to wear blazers as part of their uniform. “But I already have a jacket on, Mom!” ; )

  3. killer toes. when I read this I thought more about something like hammer toes and bunions and was already wondering where this was heading. to clarify, I haven’t even had breakfast yet :) sending a little love your way too xo

  4. The first thing to come to my mind was a song by, Michael Franks, Popsicle Toes! I can’t remember the lyrics but …hmmm…’d have to really love somebodies toes… xo

  5. Today my husband and I took a walk in our woods and fields. It’s cold, deep snow, sun shining and wind blowing. It felt so free to be walking on a beautiful day, no one around for a long ways away, the way the sun was streaming through the bare branches of the trees with the crisp blue sky, some gray clouds floating by. A perfectly normal, ordinary walk, and yet that is what I thought of when I read your post. It was magical and simple at the same time. Heart Full of Gratitude.

  6. I would love to have my name entered Michelle. Something random? I love shoes, have a closet full, but still go barefooted at home year round!

  7. I was thinking about my “soul flower”… violet. Or a forget-me-not… a daisy… a peony?
    Hmmm, no. That’s a fragrant, violet violet for sure. The first ones of the season, each and every Spring, make my heart flutter in such a way that I cannot even describe in words. And the scented eau de cologne belonging to my Grandmother, I have on the chest of drawers in the bedroom, tells me so as well. Yes, I am pretty sure I am a violet.

  8. What is in my mind right now is: I’m tired, I want to go home and put my feet up, read a book, drink a cup of tea. I was standing for several hours and I need a rest. But I’m too tired to walk to the parking garage with all the snow outside, it’s better take a rest reading few posts, and I’m glad I found yours with these lovely feet to reminded me of innocence .

  9. Just moved to FL and barefoot is always in fashion. Unless it turns chilly or you have to leave the house and then you have to slip on the flip- flops.

  10. What a lovely photo and post. And how serendipitous that just today I discovered the origins of the term cold feet wildly vary from being attributed to playwright Ben Jonson in 1605 and to Stephen Crane in 1896. That’s a lot of wiggle room.

  11. My son’s hands are bigger than mine now (and mine are not small) the boy is becoming a man! Lovely photo and beautiful words Michelle. Don’t you just love how they humour us! : ))

  12. I have pictures of tiny toes…the hard copy kind…in albums….it was THAT long ago when my children were running around sockless…I remember wrapping my whole hand around those little feet, and I remember playing “this little piggy…and how on toe four I said “and this little piggy had ham on rye” and they would laugh (and now in retrospect) I see just how sick that is with “little piggy and HAM”…but how they giggled and wanted to correct me…and…how they guarded they little tummies so I couldn’t tickle them as the piggy’s ran “all the way home”. I am flooded with tender emotions and memories of little feet…and how so soon they are grown…filling our shoes as parents now themselves…


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