Oh, the Possibility


I took this photo two weeks ago, but if you looked into our dining room, you would have this very same view.  The pen and feather are no longer there; undoubtedly they’re sitting in some other unlikely {and perhaps annoying-to-me} spot.  But the puzzle pieces are still laid out upon our dining room table {which is really a puzzle table}.  My daughter asked for a puzzle for Christmas, 500 pieces.  She began in earnest, but is now stalling.  The frame is in place with a few inside pieces placed, but the other 460-ish remain loose and scattered.

She wants to do it, I know she does.  But she gets overwhelmed.  And my son has offered to help her, but I understand why she turns him down…he’s crazy good at puzzles and she ends up feeling less than.  He’s tried to help her without doing too many pieces, but after one session together, she has refused him at each successive offering.  She’s overwhelmed…and maybe a tad stubborn.  {ahem}

Oh, the life lessons in a puzzle!  One piece at a time…one or two this morning, and then another one or two this afternoon. Build slowly.  But poor thing, all she sees are all those loose pieces {460-ish is a big number}.  I’m trying to encourage without nagging, offering my help as well.  But patience is wearing thin around here.  Her brother has three puzzles from Christmas that he’s waiting to lay upon that dining puzzle room table.

I want my daughter to finish her puzzle, and I know she will.  She must.  It’s a simple – yet powerful – lesson in perseverance, in putting one foot in front of another, in showing up.  She doesn’t have to think of it in those terms, of course.  But I want her to feel it.  Oh, I want her to feel it…want her to know it in her body.

I’m drawn to this puzzle scene. It feels so quiet.  And I think, as I pass by and see the light illuminating all those tender and tiny pieces, I feel possibility.  There’s possibility laying right there in front of us.  It’s ours to harness.  If only…

Sending a little love your way, m

In writing about this puzzle, I now want to share something with you…a collaborative project I’ve begun with a dear friend of mine.  I didn’t intend to link the two, but as I began writing about this puzzle, it came to mind.  Clearly this puzzle is on my mind a lot lately. You’ll see why if you click here.



11 thoughts on “Oh, the Possibility

  1. Don’t we all struggle with this? At least I do it may not be a puzzle but it takes some other form. Thanks for sharing in this space. It is a good place to visit :) Happy weekend!

  2. My husband loves puzzles and this Christmas our three girls gave him a three layer one of Manhattan, past and present. My greatest pleasure was watching each of them take time out to sit and work on the puzzle with their dad. When they were children they didn’t have any interest in them, now spending time over a puzzle with their dad is one of their favorite delights. I love watching the family dynamics. This was a lovely post!

    P.S. Another neat tool is a puzzle tray. I bought one for Rob, it includes narrow draws on the sides of the board that can hold extra pieces. We were able to just move the board when it was time for dinner. :)

  3. I am admiring your patience too…I’d have to stop my self from adding odd pieces. Sometimes the possibilities hold more magic at the start of a journey than you ever imagine the end can compete with… Your son is obviously gifted in patience and understanding for his sister <3 xx

  4. I was going to make the same suggestion that Karen made concerning the puzzle mats, they are wonderful. I have a few children that remind me so much of yours, one flies through puzzles [and life] while the other struggles, taking his time and often becomes overwhelmed. It’s so hard as a mama to not jump in and make it easier, but please know Michelle that your sweet girl will complete the puzzle on her own time line and then her smile with be the most rewarding smile! I am here in SC cheering her on!

    1. tracey, you and karen have just reminded me of those mats! i’ve never been interested much…because they’re not needed the way my son and husband puzzle. but it might be just the thing for my daughter! thank you both!!!

  5. quite the undertaking! When the kids were small and a puzzle was started everyone who walked by tried to piece on or two. My son and I were the ones who would stand hours making great progress. I hope she does finish it. I think there are puzzle mats in which to move or wrap up a puzzle in progress if it continues to be present on that mighty fine table :)

  6. Oh M, so well put. Oh the possibility and the lessons, indeed. I admire your daughter’s determination to do it on her own. Hopefully your son will get his turn at the puzzle table soon…



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