Forgetting…and Then Remembering


I forget sometimes.

I feel so good when I stitch something.  Baking never fails to lift my spirits.  A walk outside brings new air {literally and figuratively} into my body.  Every time I do one of these activities {and various other} I am somehow amazed…like I have this aha moment which really isn’t an aha moment at all.  Because I already knew it.

Still, it’s fresh every time.  And it surprises me.  Delights me.  I catch myself asking really, how do you keep forgetting this? but I steer myself towards the acceptance and delight.  Beautiful oblivion meets the busyness of lists and schedules.

The image above is a garland of wool stars I’m stitching for myself.  I made a few garlands as gifts this Christmas and loved them so much I cut stars for myself.  Weeks have passed and these stars were almost forgotten.  But then I remembered. And I began stitching over the weekend.

Yes, I forget sometimes.  We all do.  But then I remember.  And that’s the part that counts.

Sending a little love your way, m



14 thoughts on “Forgetting…and Then Remembering

  1. Michelle…I have been crazy trying to “remember” when your next workshop is…can you send me the link…I can’t seem to find it…XXOO Julia

  2. Never too late to pick up a needle and begin to create! I love these stars! Do you have an idea where you will hang your garland? Oh, and I needed a little prompt to begin thinking about a Valentine’s Day surprise for my kiddos! Happy stitching!

    1. yesterday, i hung them over our front door. not sure if they’ll stay there, but i like it for now…they make me happy when i walk by!

      and lucky kids of yours that you’re planning ahead for a valentine’s surprise <3

  3. Michelle, I feel that way whenever I sit down at my art table. I think, “Why don’t I do that more often?” :)

  4. Forgetting is one of my biggest fears that is why I am never far from pen and paper so I can write stuff down.
    I love your stars and think I will have to make a few to hang around here!

  5. Two things-THANK YOU for the book-omg-and with your permission( it’s ok if not) to post snail mail love on IG. And it’s taking time for yourself that renews yours spirit and sense of self. It’s so important-as a mom-as a wife-as a woman!! Xoxo

  6. Michelle,
    Your words touch at such a deep and honest place. Yes…I too forget…and you have helped me remember…Thank you. Your star garland is beautiful!

  7. Imagine it as a poem. It would be different than a list of what we love, what lifts us up, what restores, refuels, sustains us. What clears the fog in our minds and lifts the weighted stones that sometimes are the garland of a weary heart. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  8. Love those stars!! Do you put a little stuffing in them?? We’re coastal folk…would love to make a garland or two of starfish to accent my draperies!! Oh, and I forget, a lot!! My problem is, also, I want to do so much and don’t know where to start….!!



    1. thanks, karen!
      there’s no stuffing. i use 100% wool and stitch two stars together. the 100% wool has nice weight, especially when doubled. a garland of starfish would be darling!

      and i know what you mean about wanting to do so much and not knowing where to start. i get that way too. eventually i pick something and just begin, then {hopefully} keep moving ;)


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