Yes, Please and Thank You


I know there are folks who argue that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the greeting card companies {and floral companies and candy companies}.  And I get that, sort of.  But the way I see it, what’s wrong with having a day once a year where we think about and talk about and feel a little extra love?  How can that be a bad thing?

I say it’s not bad at all.  One can choose to buy cards or not {or make cards}, buy flowers or not, buy candies or not {yes, please and thank you on the Valentine M&Ms}.  All of that is irrelevant.  What matters is the love.  And if love is brought to the forefront for one extra day every year, i say {like the M&Ms} yes, please and thank you.

Valentine’s Day isn’t solely the realm of romantic relationships.  It isn’t about candy or roses. It’s about the love.  The love, folks.

So tell someone that you love them.  Give someone a hug {actually, give lots of people hugs}. Hold the door open for a stranger.  Smile.  Run a bubble bath.  Listen to someone else’s story.

Do this on Valentine’s Day.
Actually, do this every day.  Yes, please and thank you.

Sending a little {extra} love your way, m

Happy Valentine’s Day.



9 thoughts on “Yes, Please and Thank You

  1. yes, yes, yes. you are right. of course you are. I still hate it. can’t help it. it’s commercial. hypocritical. no, no, no. still, sending a little love your way.


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