25 Things I Love About Winter


1.  fires in the fireplace
2.  lighting more candles
3.  lots of hot tea
4.  hot cocoa {marshmallows for the kids}
5.  the quiet, grey skies
6.  the blue skies which appear just when i need them
7.  wool sweaters
8.  mittens {still loving my new ones}
9.  boots
10.  snow…because, otherwise, what’s the point of the cold?
11. the crispness of the air
12. seeing my breath
13. bare tree branches against the sky
14. being out in the cold, then coming into the warm
15. homemade soups more often
16. baking cookies {I know, year-round…but even better in the winter}
17. flannel sheets
18. flannel pajamas
19. the reflective nature of the season
20. reading while curled up under a fleece blanket
21. red wine {I know, year-round like #14…but i love it more in winter}
22. my husband {yep, year-round again…but he grills even in the freezing cold}
23. my kids {last year-round one, i promise…but they sled with me}
24. have you walked at 7 am on a winter morning? {the quiet…oh, the quiet}
25. the fact that winter bares herself without apology

Now there must be something you like about winter.  Tell me just one thing…

Sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  Several of you sweetly inquired about the status of my daughter’s puzzle.  She completed it…beautifully and patiently, and with a little help from her family…turned out to be a lovely group effort.  And now she plans to glue the pieces and hang it on her bedroom wall. #veryproud

P.P.S. My friend Tara is hosting a super giveaway this week to celebrate her birthday…prizes for each day of the week! Click here for details and to enter.



19 thoughts on “25 Things I Love About Winter

  1. we are still in the thick of summer, but chopping up deadwood from our garden for the fire makes me look forward to the evenings where its cold enough outside to light the fire and put the kettle on top to warm water for a cup of tea.
    that image – oh!

  2. Totally forgot to say the other day, really happy to hear that your daughter finished the puzzle, YES! (insert fist pump). So cute that she wants to hang it on her wall…love that : )) xx

  3. I like early morning frost, when everything is covered with a layer of sparkling white. that’s about it. everything else is just plain horror ;) sending a little love your way too xo

  4. uh, I love your loves :-) should sit down and find mine, as just now winter seems to get a bit too long…but there is definitely loves to find! as always, thanks for bringing the positive on! have a lovely, wintery weekend :-)

  5. Wonderful list and many things on there that I totally nodded at…especially boots and the crisp air. I also like the sugar-coated loveliness of a good frost and scarves : )

  6. who would think you could come up with 25 things to love about winter??!! I’m in agreement with you, especially about a walk at 7 am in freshly fallen snow- absolutely my favorite! Negative 6 here this morning so we’ve still got plenty of time for all the things listed above! xo

  7. Such a fun list! I agree # 10 so much. We have the cold today, it’s really cold for SC, but the sun is bright and not a white flake to be found. That’s okay, I have a nice fire in the wood stove, a hot cup of chai and my knitting, I’m happy.

  8. There is a certain kind of beauty that only winter can bring with her. I love all things that winter brings… Fires in the fire place, a cozy warm feeling in my house, good food with deep full flavors, a sort of forced quiet/family time because it brings snow days when everyone has to be home together. It also brings new ways of thinking because once you have been cooped up together for too many days you have to come up with something new. I think it can also bring a focus to the interior (your house, your mind, your body) as appossed to summer where you want to go out and focus on the outside more. (hope that made sense) .

  9. I’ve always loved winter. The insular effect of it. The starkness. How the snow absorbs the sound. That the eagle comes back to the tree in our yard (we just watched her, actually, it must be her daughter because the coloring of the feathers showed it was a very young eagle today). The fact that all the snow will melt and be good for the rivers. My Bogs. My felted mittens. My other red and white mittens my Mom knit for me. Stew. The short days (I know, I may be the only person who likes shorter days, I have SAD in reverse, my mood goes up as the days shorten). The conjuring of memories of how much I loved winter as a child. Having a car that likes winter. My list is long, thank you for asking. It was good to read your list.

  10. Wonderful list!
    I second everything you’ve said. Everything.
    One thing I like is tht winter gives us an excuse to stay inside sometimes and not feel guilty about it. On frigid days, it’s completely acceptable to NOT step out at all!
    This winter has been good; long and cold and full of snow. Everyone seems to keep saying that they cannot wait for Spring. But I’m just content. Change is inevitable…Spring will come when she’s ready.
    Thanks again for your fun list!

  11. Yes to flannel! I’ll add cosy socks, and cold days that are sunny and crisp. Lovely reminders M, especially for someone who will always love summer the most. {And than you so much for sharing about the giveaway!}


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