The Ordinary and Extraordinary


I couldn’t decide if I should share a photo of the beautiful tulips I bought on Tuesday, or my daughter’s horses.  You see which won out.  The tulips are lovely, a pale shade of yellow. But these toy horses, well, they tug at my heart even days after taking the shot.  My daughter hasn’t played with these particular horses in a while, but last week she spread a blanket across the family room floor and set them all up.  There they stayed for days and I happily moved around them so as not to disturb the set-up.  When I watch my children play – even my son who is nearing {I can’t believe I’m about to write this number} fourteen {ack!} – I am brought back to my own childhood days and how I used to get lost in stories and fantasy.  I remember playing with my own toy horses, in fact…acting out stories as if the horses were humans. It was magic.

And while I don’t play in the same way these days, stories are still a part of my days. Stories that I read to my children, stories that I read to myself, stories that I tell my children of days long ago, stories I tell my husband of the day transpired. In my journal, I write stories of every day life and stories of dreams and wonderings.  I write of magic.

Not the poof kind of magic.  But the ordinary, everyday, simple, extraordinary kind of magic. The magic of hot tea sipped slowly while the kids lazily read in the early hours of our day. The magic of a conversation with a dear friend.  The magic of watching my children grow before my very eyes.  The magic of watching myself continue to grow.  The magic of the snow which falls from our winter sky.  The magic of daffodils blooming in a friend’s yard on the west coast…as the snow falls from my east coast sky.  The magic of toy horses arranged on a fleece blanket field.  Magic, I tell you.

And it humbles me.  Brings me back to center, even as the dishes pile in the sink and the laundry pile grows and the dust bunnies lie along the hallway baseboard.  The ordinary, everyday, simple, extraordinary kind of magic that finds us if we but look and listen and embrace…

Sending a little love your way, m



9 thoughts on “The Ordinary and Extraordinary

  1. Oh Michelle, this is lovely. It brought back memories of when I used to weave stories for my three girls about three princesses and their faithful horses. Thank you for that, it’s been so long since I’ve recalled those days! xo

  2. Each day, each moment has it’s own magic, it’s all in how we perceive it. This Lenten season I didn’t ‘give up’ anything, but made a promise to really slow down and notice all the special, ordinary moments that make up my life, it’s been soul touching.

  3. I love reading your posts because it feels like you are speaking the words in my heart with pure poetry (or maybe magic). xo

  4. the kind of magic that asks us to pay attention to the moment – the best kind of magic!!! Thank you for your words, today and everyday!

  5. Oh YES to all of this Michelle! My son’s crumpled still-warm bed yesterday stirred up so much thought about the little things. The things that really matter, the things that REALLY let him know how much he is loved, the wonderful everyday things that life is made of. Those horses…so special xxxx


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