Permission to Droop



This lone drooping tulip.

Usually a drooping flower {a drooping anything} feels sad to me, but this tulip doesn’t feel especially sad to me.  It kind of feels like it’s just doing its thing.

Sometimes it’s hard to stand in the crowd and not do the same thing that everyone else is doing.  Sometimes it’s hard to hang low when everyone else is intent on stretching high.  But some days call for riding low.  Some days call for bending in a direction other than the one that’s expected.

I want to remember to be like this tulip.  I want to remember that it’s perfectly fine to stretch in whatever direction feels best. That might be up, that might be out.  It might be down.  The stretching – the movement – is key.

Life rests in movement.  Even in the kind that droops.


Sending a little love your way, m



15 thoughts on “Permission to Droop

  1. There is an ebb and flow to everything. And the truth is we all moving all the time even when we think we are not. Movement is life, whether it’s up, down or in some way that is imperceptible, it is happening. It all just as it should be. It’s all in the being.

  2. This is right on the mark, Michelle, and just what I needed to hear. I have been struggling with vertigo this week and a sinus infection; in my usual way I’ve been pushing through it but now, after reading your lovely words, I am going to give myself permission to droop. :) xo

  3. I had a droopy tulip day this week and I just went with it, resting, allowing myself to feel the emotions as they came instead of covering them up and pretending. Today was an up day. Much love to you too.


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