It’s Time to Set Intention


In December of 2013, I led a group of {really} wonderful women in a one-week exploration of intention.  Each of us picked something on which we desired to focus and we did just that. Exercising, getting more sleep, drinking more water, speaking with grace…it was anything of our choice.  Just one thing that we each wanted to work on for those seven days. Together. The class was called Intention for 7.

I didn’t run it again this past December because it just felt too close on the heels of Gratitude Week.  And I’m glad I waited. Because now I feel ready.  I’m desiring the focus for myself.  And I’m keen to share that time, that exploration, that intention with others.

So consider this your official invitation.  The class will run for 7 days, April 6-12.  It’s free of charge.  Show up as you are. With the intention to do just one thing.

You can read a little more and sign up for the class by clicking right here.  I hope to see you there.  Really.  It’s a gentle week. Dare I say it’s a gift that you’ll gift yourself?  {I think I just did.}  Seven days to consider something that will feed you…and, no doubt, will ripple outward and feed those around you.

Come along then…

Sending a little love your way, m




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