Plenty of Gifts


The morning is dark as I slide out of bed.  I sit upon my wool yoga blankets and close my eyes. I breathe deeply.  Ten minutes, maybe fifteen.  After a few stretches for my spine, I rise and walk downstairs.  My husband has left for work but the kids are still sleeping. The house is quiet.  So quiet.

I make myself a cup of tea and sit at my desk, open my journal, take hold of a pen.  And I write.  Not a lot, but enough.  And I feel part-calm as I start my day with pen and paper, part-frantic as I try to get it down before the kids wake up. Because it’s 6:40 in the morning and I can’t believe my son is still sleeping.  This time in the quiet and dark of the house is a gift.

The following morning is dark as I slide out of bed.  Again I make my way to the blankets and breathe.  Deeply.  But then…my daughter tiptoes into the room and climbs into my lap.  Her long, nearly-10 year old legs don’t fit neatly into my crossed legs anymore. But her head still rests comfortably against my heart.  Half of her {enough of her} still curls within my arms. There is no writing on this morning in the quiet and dark of the house.  There is no tea/desk/pen and paper.  But there is this moment with my daughter.  In the quiet and the dark.  A gift.


Sending a little love your way, m


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22 thoughts on “Plenty of Gifts

  1. oh so beautiful, and such encouragement for me to move back towards earlier starts and more yoga, am missing both over the last few weeks, and hopefully a bit less travelling will make it possible x

    1. katie, there are still the mornings where i need a little extra sleep, but i find that getting up and beginning in this way most mornings really grounds me, and is such a nice, gentle way to move into the day. as your travel lessens, i hope you find yourself enjoying some quiet mornings too!!! xo

  2. I like the way you start your days Michelle. I am always the first one awake in my home and I enjoy a few hours to myself before the others join me, it helps me center my day
    It’s been awhile since anyone has crawled into my lap, I miss Emerson.

  3. So lovely, Michelle, I am not an early bird but do start my mornings with quiet meditation. I miss those days when one daughter or another would find her way to my lap. Enjoy. xx

    1. it’s such a nice way to start the day, isn’t it?
      and i just love that your daughters climbed into your lap sometimes…so sweet.
      i’m so glad you shared that.

  4. Such a great photo with that book called Plenty! And, yes, both days are gifts in different ways. So lovely you can appreciate each xo


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