In the Pause


There is a pause
in the rain, in the dark
and the birds sing
beginning again.

The light grows slowly
shifting into today
the birds begin in celebration
in the rain’s pause, in this day’s

Right now, before breakfast is made
and the laundry begun
before the list is made or checked
it is quiet save the birds.

I think of the daffodils,
mini, which surprised me yesterday
not there the day before, but then of a sudden,
and how I stood there, delighted, in a pause
spring beginning again.


I sit listening and remembering and
the rain resumes.  I wonder
how many notes more the birds will sing
on this morning, in this pause
wishing for a few more, please.

Their song slows and I imagine them
plumping their feathers in the chill of the rain
I hear their pause.
There is

one caw of a crow, one last line of melody from the rest
and now it is only rain I hear
steady, steady on, it says
steady as you go.

I raise my cup to my lips
take the last sip of tea
pause in the grey light of today
before the breakfast and laundry and list before
beginning again.  Delighted.


Sending a little love your way, m



16 thoughts on “In the Pause

  1. Beautiful Michelle! It is as if I was sitting there listening with you…lovely addition to my day!

  2. Good morning sweet lady!
    What a wonderful way for ME to start my day…with a poem from you. I can feel the silence in your home and I can feel the warmth of your tea and the sweet sounds of the birds.
    Thank you for this.
    Enjoy your day. 💜


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