Ten Things


Ten things, right now…

1.   My son reading
2.   My daughter working on her braid star
3.   Blossoms out the side window
4.   A glass of water…clean, fresh, pure
5.   The pup chewing on her bone as she snuggles next to my daughter
6.   Slippers on my feet
7.   Washes of red and green on the trees out back
8.   Intermittent conversation between the kids…random German phrases are exchanged
9.   A sky that looks heavy
10. Bon Iver on Pandora

Hoping your right now is just what it needs to be.

Sending a little love your way, m



21 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. What a lovely list, Michelle! I’ve never heard of Bon Iver, I will have to have a listen! I’m always looking for new artists to listen to. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. Your right now sounds lovely, Michelle and the blossom is so beautiful! My right now is feeling pretty good, following on from last week’s Intention for 7. Thanks again for that gift of seven beautiful days. Much love, Jane xx

  3. My right now is pretty good, thank you. I am just back from the market so the cupboards are full, it’s cooler today after yesterday’s rain storm, dinner is simmering on the stove and I have a sock to knit., I am smiling.
    PS- I will confess to missing you in my inbox each day, last week was fun.

    1. tracey, i don’t really like going to the store, but i looove when the cupboards and fridge are full of good things. your now with dinner simmering and socks being knit – and a smile – sounds so nice.

      and i’m so glad to hear you enjoyed last week too! makes me happy.

  4. I so love the way I can picture the writer’s smile while writing such a list… your smile.
    “Hoping you’re right now is just what it needs to be.”, I guess is a lovely wish.

  5. Those are 10 lovely things along with those beautiful blossoms. Yay for spring and wearing slippers as the sky gets heavy.

    1. loooove bon iver…glad you’ve discovered! and i’m glad you enjoy these ten things posts. when i do posts like this, i always kinda wonder. but then someone like you leaves a comment like this and there we are… :)

      and you made me smile about the inbox. it was so good having you be a part of that week. xox

  6. Bon Iver on Pandora–yes, perfect for spring blossoms and heavy skies. Pandora has a station called Indie Folk Revival Radio that has been playing constantly on the iPad in my kitchen. Lovely post.

  7. I love these 10 things you you do. It really captures a moment. I wanted to thank you for the week we spent with intentions. I was thinking-you do so much for others with your gift of words that I hope you are lifted in spirit from those around you when there are days you don’t have a lot to give. Seems selfish to say this after my last sentence but I enjoy receiving your emails and tucking the thoughts away for the day. I noticed reading the comments during Intentionfor7 there are women who are aren’t in such a great place and am genuinely happy for them knowing they’ll too be given something in their ebox to hold on to for their day, week or whenever. Hope you have an amazing Day Michelle! Xo Kelly 😊Sent from my iPhone http://kelly-justaclickaway.blogspot.com/?m=1


    1. kelly, i’m glad you enjoy these lists…i do too! they help me slow down and appreciate the now.

      and i’m so glad you enjoyed Intention for 7. the community that gathered was wonderful, wasn’t it?! and i really do feel buoyed by the those that gather for the online classes i offer. so many beautiful people…you included. xxx


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