Mason Jar Oats


I got tired of oatmeal.  Then I stumbled across a recipe for overnight oats.  And then I suddenly saw it/heard about it in numerous places.  It’s basically muesli.  It’s basically delicious.  And it’s basically the easiest thing to prepare. Pop your ingredients into a mason jar {or whatever lidded dish you like} as you’re making or cleaning up after dinner; pop it into the fridge; pop a satisfying breakfast into your mouth the next morning.

This is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  But it’s new {to me} in that oh, I totally forgot about that kind of way. And, I don’t know, I kinda like eating from a mason jar.  The basic recipe is one part rolled oats {not quick-cooking} to two parts milk/milk substitute {I usually add a teeny bit more as I like mine a bit soupy}.  I sweeten with maybe a teaspoon of sugar or maple syrup {honey?  I imagine that works too}; you can also skip the sweetening part…you might not need it.  I usually pour in some chia seeds {about a teaspoon}.  C’est tout.

The next morning, I give it a little stir, add some fresh fruit {you could alternatively put frozen fruit into the mix when you prepare the night before} {or add dried fruit} and a handful of chopped almonds {or sunflower seeds or hemp seeds or any number of other nuts/seeds}. You could also add 1/3 cup yogurt the night before; maybe some coconut flakes.  A dash of cinnamon is nice. Maybe a dribble of vanilla extract.  You can add whatever you want, really. Yes, get crazy. Do as you like.

The mason jar thing is kinda cool because, well, I already told you I like eating out of a mason jar…but also because you can use the markings on the jar as a guideline when you’re assembling the night before.  No need for measuring cups.  Just pour it right in.  And after a few times making this, you won’t even need the markings on the jar.  You’ll just eyeball it. Because it’s hard to mess this up.

I like waking up to breakfast already made {aside from slicing the fruit and adding the nuts or seeds}.  And, you know, the mason jar thing.  It gets the day off to a solidly good start.

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
~ Lewis Carroll ~

Wishing you a solidly good start to your days.  And hoping you’ve time to believe a few impossible things.  Go ahead and dream.  And eat your oats.  {I recommend a mason jar.}

Sending a little love your way, m



12 thoughts on “Mason Jar Oats

  1. i had this last year, and as the weather warms up it is definitely looking more tempting again, hot porridge on a spring morning just doesn’t work as well! thank you for sharing, and for the fabulous Lewis Carroll quote, great inspiration for my current month of early mornings.

  2. looks so good. I have made this before but it seemed a big production. I cooked up everything in a pot, let the pot sit over night and then got to eat it the next morning. I get confused easy. Do you make it directly in the jar? And really? It’s that simple one part oats two parts milk? Gosh if that’s the case, then I have been doing this very longhand.

    1. no cooking!!! let me say that again…no cooking! none. i’ve done the overnight thing in a crockpot…it’s just a different thing. this is super easy…and i actually like it better than cooked :)

      so yes, directly in the jar {i like a wide-mouth quart size…leaves room for added fruit/nuts}. so simple, i promise.

  3. Years ago, before my baby who is now 29 was born, I had a friend from Switzerland. Her husband was working with mine and they were in the states for a year or so. Oh my how we loved her. She wore a bikini when she was pregnant (we hid our bellies back then). And she knitted like mad, dressing her babies in adorable knitted goodness. She taught us all to make this. She used oats, fresh fruit, nuts, a touch of sweetener and plain yogurt. She mixed it up the night before and her kids ate it for breakfast and snacks. My boys loved it and I have not made it in years. I have not thought of her in years. Thanks so much for this memory jog and thanks so much for being you! xoox

  4. My Erin makes this everyday using just yogurt and she loves it. I love mason jars too.
    I drink out of a mason jar everyday, make me feel close to my Dad. :)


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