Do you ever feel that you just can’t keep up?  With the Pinterest, the Instagram, the Facebook, the blogs?  And I know they don’t need a definite article preceding their names.  But they are such entities, are they not?  Coloring our days, sometimes in lovely ways.  But sometimes I wonder if they fill in the forms on our page a little too much.

I’m doing heavy thinking these days {months} about what the online world means to me.  It’s wonderful and inspiring, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve grown in so many ways since stepping into the online world.  It brings me here with you! But balancing all of that with what lies at my feet and just outside my window…I will tell you straight up that I find it hugely challenging.

I know I’m not alone.  I’ve had conversations with others who get it and who struggle too.  All of that is still relatively new territory for those of us who grew up with no computers, no smartphones, no constant streaming of everything {those of us who grew up with a phone that was attached to the wall via a curly plastic cord}.

The creative community that exists online is awesome, it really is.  It’s just about fitting that world in with the one that includes shoes by the back door and laundry that needs folding. We make our choices about how we filter our world, how we build our world, how we shape our world.  I guess I’m asking a lot of questions about that.

What’s a girl to do?  Well, she starts with a bowl of honey nut Cheerios, a sliced banana, and some almond milk.  She snaps a quick photo, because some days that’s just what she does. And then she makes pancakes for the kids {because she promised} and a cup of tea for herself.  She washes the dishes and helps with schoolwork.  There’s conversation, a little laughter, a disagreement or two. And then there’s the first soft serve ice cream cone of the season {because she promised}.  There’s soccer ball kicking and dog walking.  There’s living.

She builds and shapes her world slowly and tenderly.  She continues asking the questions about all that.  She makes adjustments as necessary.  In the best way she knows how, she shows up to her life {because she promised}.

Sending a little love your way, m



20 thoughts on “Promises

  1. While I was out of town (NYC) I was unplugged and loved it. When I came back I jumped back in but each activity I sat and thought does this give me joy??? Well, yes and no. I haven’t found a balance. But I have trouble keeping up.

  2. Today my daughter asked why I’d been in my phone while it was such a nice day and I could have been playing out in the garden with her…..

    And what am I saying on here..? Out “there” in this ether space..? I’m just shooting out noise and words and glimpses of moments no one actually cares about. And it’s “life” which we can’t look at a book of IG images of once were gone… Can we. So, today I’m really kind of thinking the same.

    Just chucking those grumpy old words out there… ;) I’m with you on this too.

    But, I’m very glad we connected and more <3

  3. That’s great that we, the ‘phone attached to the wall’ generation, we are still considering to show up to our lives as an (important) option. Nice post.

  4. Oh Michelle, you so read what’s on my mind. It is a constant balance, especially once the seasons turn to spring, summer and fall and I want to be outside. I wish I could be someone who could just let go of keeping up with chores but I can’t; that and other obligations makes it difficult to keep up with social media and yet when I don’t I feel like I am missing out on something. It is such a strange world we live in! Thank you for verbalizing what I have been feeling.

  5. oh, my goodness, yes. i think about this a lot… and at times, think none of this stuff (online) really matters… but sometimes i think it does… often it is my proof or my way of stopping time (taking images, pairing them with words…). i struggle in my mind with this juxtaposition of real world and online one… and as my kids get older i question it more and hope to help them navigate what it will mean for them. xoxo

  6. I can so relate. I am in that space now. And I am missing the depth of connection that used to come with blogging that I don’t have anymore since I no longer blog regularly. it is early and I have not yet had my coffee so this thought is incomplete. Just saying that I understand.

  7. Yes! I relate to all of this! I don’t know where the time goes and since throwing a part-time job into the mix as well, I feel like I’m pulled in all directions and doing a lot of things badly, if at all. I miss my online space and the inspiration I get from others and hope that I’ll get a bit more balance soon but in the meantime I keep reminding myself that the most important thing is being present for my family and (hopefully) everything will fall in to place from that. Love what you wrote and how you expressed it. Thank you for sharing. Happy weekend. :) xx

  8. I know I know I know. I love my blog the most, but it’s the one part of social media that is slowly on its way out. Instagram and Twitter and all the rest is just not working the same way for me. still, I keep coming back, feeling like one has to these days, or that maybe I’m missing something. a weird new world we are living in indeed.

    ps: I hope you stick around right HERE.

  9. Yours is the second blog I have read today about the overwhelming feeling that comes from blogging, fb, Instagram, ect. While I only have a blog and a fb page it takes up quite a bit of my day and lately I have been feeling a slight tug to step back, to decompress, not sure when that is going to happen, but I know it’s coming.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear, Enjoy the ice cream cones, the children, life!

  10. So well-stated…it’s a balance I’m sorting and still figuring out…and maybe that is part of the experience (for me). I so appreciated reading this today. Wishing you a wonderful Friday. <3

  11. So beautifully written Michelle … and I can relate. I do love the on-line community and find it so inspiring. I concentrate on a few things (my blog, my fav blogs, and IG). I think I have a pretty good balance now.

  12. I feel torn in half, especially very recently as the switch on the pace of my life feels like it’s been flicked into the hyper drive setting. I am stumbling around trying to figure it out with my heart and my head. There is no question that I would not be the person I am today without all the amazing connections I found here in my online life but I also know that my online life would not be possible if I didn’t stay grounded in the solid physical life I am living in too. Always dancing… Sending much love xox

  13. You hit the nail on the head – it’s all about balance! I so love reading your posts…they always make me smile.

    Have a wonderful day… :) <3

  14. You know I know and can relate. The struggle is real to find the balance, but I trust you are making your way with all your promises kept. To them. To yourself. xo

  15. Allllll the time….every day….it’s a struggle-by I have been trying to adjust daily-It’s the creative outlet that draws me in Michelle. Since we all might as well be worlds apart-the online aspect brings me closer to what I seek-to be around creative people who inspire me. Hope u find your way. TGIF. Kelly

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