Finding a New Rhythm


Last week’s post, well, you guys are awesome.  I knew you’d get it.  And now…

The post that is about to flow from my fingertips has been brewing-simmering-stewing for quite a while.  I’ve not written it prior to today because I was waiting to figure out a clear path and a clear way to express things.  But the clear path and the clear answers continue to elude me and, since this space is largely a reflection of here-and-nows, it seems fitting and honest that I just spit it out, lay it on the line.  You are here, in part I think, because you embrace the here and now; you appreciate the true, the real.  And so I come to you today with what is true.

I’m feeling a bit raw and worn.  I love this space, but, gosh, this blogging thing is hard work. Some of you write blogs yourself and know this…to post regular {and good} content requires time, energy, dedication.  I’ve been intent from day one to post regularly, because that’s how one builds community in this arena and so that’s what I did.  But when I started out, I didn’t necessarily want to be a blogger.  I just wanted to express myself creatively {because it makes me happy} and I wanted to share that expression.  And so I did.  And here we are.  And it’s been pretty awesome.

But lately, I’m feeling kind of drained and depleted.  It’s a complicated picture.  There is lots of inspiration and connection in the online creative community.  But there are children at my side {homeschooling} {and growing fast} and the paper birches out back {delighting me} and dust bunnies along the hallway baseboard {reappearing as soon as I vacuum}.  There are pages I want to write {e-courses, magazine articles, dare I say books}.  I’m feeling pulled in many directions and I know the pressure is self-imposed, but I need to save something for myself.

I think I need a little breather.  I need to know that I can keep this space quiet for a short time and return when I’m refreshed.  In my heart I know this.  I’ve just been scared to step away. Scared to lose my footing, scared to lose momentum, scared to lose those of you who visit in this space, scared to make a change.

This isn’t goodbye.  Goodness no!  But I feel like I want to give you a heads-up, so you’re not surprised should there be a little radio silence.  I think it’s going to get a little quiet over here.

I’m hoping, if you’re not signed up for my newsletter, that you’ll sign up now. Because there will certainly be monthly letters. If you don’t already receive my newsletter, I send them out at the beginning of the month and, really, they’re a friendly letter from me to you.  If I have an offering coming up, I share that. But mostly it’s a sweet little note. Nothing more, nothing less. {you can sign up for my newsletter right here}

I’ll be playing on Instagram.
You can follow my blog {if you’re not already} and be notified when I do post here.
And I’ll be posting on the twelfth of each month at Makings of Motherhood and every Friday at Tandem Echoes.

I know many of you are going to understand exactly where I’m coming from.  Balancing the online world {which is rich and full of inspiration} with the real-time world {which is rich and full of inspiration} is a delicate dance.  In my heart, I know it’s time for me to establish a new rhythm.  I still want to share word and image; I still want to share real and true.
I just need to slow my pace a bit.

I’ll be back.

Sending a little love {so much love} your way, m





26 thoughts on “Finding a New Rhythm

  1. Oh dear, but I’ve just discovered you after reading ‘curating’ in Bella Grace :) I too struggle with my wee little blog to post ‘regular’ and so far am managing about 1 post a month, and I’m happy with that. I will wait patiently for your return and will check out your Instagram in the meantime.

  2. I think I may have missed this because I too have had a struggle the past few months. I have been in sort of a depression really. I’m working myself out of it right now. I’m just starting to feel the light again. I feel sort of terrible I had not seen this but I also know you understand because you have a heart of pure gold. I love how you listen to your heart and do what is best for you.

  3. no explaination needed, the same happened to me. i was forcing my blog posts out…letting it drag on….then i found instagram and it wasn’t so hard to let go of the blog for a bit. go play with your kids before they’re graduating from college or joining the service, like mine. xo

  4. Oh Michelle, I get it, oh so well! This is how life goes, it ebbs and flows. I will be eagerly awaiting your return, my friend! xx

  5. What! Oh my we are in sync dear M! I could’ve written this post; oh wait, I did, only less articulately. :) It seems there may be something in the air – I’ve found a lot of people telling me they’re doing the same. May you find all the rest, clarity and rejuvenation you need. xxxx

  6. Hey Friend,
    Well, first off: you know I TOTALLY get it. And I have so much on my plate right now it’s crazy. BUT….There’s that line between taking a break and also just slowing things down but not leaving completely. Speaking of myself here, of course. I wish I had not just dissapeared (and pulled down my blog!) So much work had gone into it. Years. And then I abandoned it. And then regretted it. I’m sure you won’t go to those extremes. (We would really miss you if you did.)
    I tried to join your newsletter but I don’t know if it worked. Please, if you would, sign me up.

  7. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you, sweet woman, for inspiring us to write with mindful intention and to protect creative expression from corruption by panic. I understand. My writing sabbaticals are always spent reading. My favorite is Gail Sher’s *One Continuous Mistake: Four Noble Truths for Writers*. Much love to you, and peace! We will be here when you return. Love, Rosaria

  8. Thanks for not just vanishing without a word. You know what.. I think is kind of brave to say it out loud and assume what you are (and we all are): just human. Take good care of yourself and whenever you find time, we will be right here.

  9. Enjoy your change of pace and I am already subscribed to your blog, so will look forward to your posts as and when you feel ready to write them. I hope the space you gain is filled with wonderful things!

  10. Oh M.

    I’m nodding my head in total understanding…and giving you a standing ovation for your genuine courage because that dance between the online and offline worlds is indeed very difficult. (As you well know, I’m still trying to figure it out!)

    Sharing your beautiful words and images with the world like you do takes a great deal of energy. Part of the beauty of you is your honesty. If you kept going and producing for your blog without disclosing how depleted you feel, then that beautiful honesty of yours would vanish. Anyone and everyone who knows you and appreciates your creativity will understand your need for a new rhythm. I believe that acknowledging and adapting to the waxing and waning of our energies is a very necessary part of life.

    You will not be forgotten or passed by in the world of social media. You will be right where you need to be. Divine timing, remember?!
    Here’s to you, your children, your paper birches, and your dust bunnies. I understand. (though in my case, it’s children, river birches, and dust kitties, but you know I get it!)

    Sending an extra dose of love to you today, my friend.
    You did good. So so good.


  11. Hello lovely Michelle I miss you already in my days but I understand completely x and as they say…. If you love someone you must set them free. I hope I will be hearing from you again and I hope I can share much much more with you. I sorry if I have been a misery recently and sometimes fresh air and a season if growth and new places feeds us all so I hope when we share again (I do feel sad here..!) I can also feed to your creativity with good energy

  12. I will write an email, but. oh, of course, you know what’s best for you and what you need. Do what you feel called to do. We’re with you whenever you need us!

  13. Yes, I am with the other beautiful women who visit here and understand completely. Your post today stated everything I was thinking as I walked this morning. I too see my blog taking a little vacation, at least that is what I am leaning toward. My family is preparing for quite a few changes and I need to be present. While I love all my friends that I’ve made online , there are those in person that need me.
    Much love Michelle.

  14. Oh boy Michelle-do I ever know this feeling. If you want it bad enough-it (momentum) will return-it might be different-as change is almost enevitable… but sometimes we don’t have control-and that’s hard swallow and even harder to let go. Some of the flock will leave-but then some will stay(like me) and wait to see you return-refreshed. And even if you decide not to-that’s ok too. Take care and I’m glad you are keeping The IG status. Xo Kelly

    😊Sent from my iPhone


  15. My routine has been blown off course the last three weeks and I have found myself unable to write. I think a break can be a way to make space for our hearts to recharge. I hope you will find some peace filled moments in the days and weeks ahead. Take care.


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