Hello, Zinnias…and Hello, You


Well, hello there.  I’ve missed you.  And this space.  Though the break has been good…some time to allow myself to carry on free of rules and expectations (that I set upon myself).  And, unlike my last post (which took me a while to allow), this post today has come spontaneously. I haven’t been thinking carefully about my return to this space, other than to consider waiting till the beginning of August, maybe September.  But just now…well, I feel like I want to be here, with you.  And so here I am.

I was out in the garden a bit ago.  I wrote last summer about allowing myself to play (and plant) freely in the garden. That’s what happened again this year.  There are a few tomato plants, jalapeno, basil, onions.  But mostly, you guessed it…flowers.  Planted willy nilly (I share about that approach here).  Just the other day, the zinnia appeared.  And then the cosmos. The sunflowers aren’t blooming, but their stalks are growing strong.  Things might need a little thinning. Or not.  For now, things are thick with growth.  Green, so green. And the pops of color have definitely arrived.  Which makes me happy.

And so, as I pop in to say hello, I hope there are things making you happy in your world too. Maybe, like me, you have flowers growing.  Or some zucchini.  Maybe there’s a delicious latte in your hands.  Maybe you’ve enjoyed the hug of a dear one.  Or maybe a stranger smiled at you as you sidled down the grocery store aisle.  I hope there’s something.

Yes, there must be.

Sending a little love your way, m



8 thoughts on “Hello, Zinnias…and Hello, You

  1. Oh yes! There is always something!
    Soo happy to see you here again. Oh please do stay!! :))
    Yes, I have my first British zucchini and zinnias… quite exciting, as last year they were all eaten by slugs and so I put two pots on the top of a stool! Telling them- dear slugs and snails, I won’t harm you but you won’t have my precious vegetables and zinnias this year!! Maybe they were listening :) several other flowers were eaten but they did not touch those!

  2. Hello to YOU my dear Michelle. Life is good here on the coast of SC. Spending as much time with my wee girl before they leave for Germany in a few weeks and as much time at the beach as I can squeeze in. Happy, happy that things are flower beautiful in your world.

  3. Dear Michelle <3 oh, how I've missed seeing your posts and photos! And yet I truly understand the need to break free of the screen (and all that it entails)! Isn't this time of year glorious! How I love seeing what is continuously growing and changing in our gardens in the burbs of Jersey. Plus I adore seeing all the new babies, bunnies, birds, deer and more moving out and away from mama. My girl is doing that too. Moving out and on too.

    Sending love your way and looking forward to your return…when you feel that it's time.



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